Princess Charlene sees herself as more than the Royal of Monaco – ‘Protector of Heirs’

Princess Charlene celebrates 10th wedding anniversary

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Princess Charlene, 43, has spent the last few months living in her native South Africa and away from her husband Prince Albert. However, when the ex-Olympic swimmer makes her return to Monaco, she is expected to prioritise her and Prince Albert’s two six-year-old children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Despite rumours that her decade-long marriage to Albert II was on the rocks, the Prince of Monaco has claimed his wife is “eager” to make her return to the principality.

Albert, Jacques and Gabriella flew out to the Rainbow Nation at the end of August.

Princess Charlene has also been able to spend time with her children over FaceTime.

But an insider from the Prince’s Palace told PEOPLE, stressed how important parenting is to the 43-year-old Zimbabwean-born Princess.

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They told the magazine: “She sees herself as the Protector of the Heirs, as opposed to the Princess of Monaco.”

The source also suggested bearing children with Prince Albert solidified her position as Princess Consort.

When the children were born in 2014, the source said it gave Charlene a “certain standing or a certain security”.

The silver medalist swimmer from the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester added Charlene’s “best attributes have been as a mum”.

The Monaco insider said: “She’s incredibly involved and protective… in a very loving and providing kind of way, shunning other activities to be with them and making sure that they’re kind of living a semi-normal life.”

While Charlene and Albert raised their two children, the Prince has fathered two illegitimate children.

But Prince Albert II has also told PEOPLE he is looking forward to seeing his wife return to Monaco.

“I’m looking forward to Charlene being back,” he said.

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“Looking forward to her being back because she’s part of my life, part of our lives, part of life in Monaco.

“I’m also looking forward to her helping me with the children and with different things as she has in the past because it’s a team effort.

“When one of the team members isn’t there, it’s a lot more difficult.”‘

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