Princess Charlene shares adorable picture cosying up to husband Albert as couple reunited

Princess Charlene celebrates 10th wedding anniversary

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Princess Charlene, 43, announced yesterday on Instagram her two six-year-old children and husband Albert, 63, had travelled to South Africa after having spent weeks apart. To mark the special trip, she shared several pictures of the family on her personal account.

A few hours later, the South Africa-born princess shared two more pictures on her account – this time showing just herself and Prince Albert.

In one snap, the married couple hugged one another while smiling.

In the second photograph, Princess Charlene leaned on her husband and lovingly placed her head near Albert’s shoulder while he put an arm behind her back.

In both snaps, the couple wears casual outfits including wide-brim hats.

While Princess Charlene donned a camouflage-print ensemble paired with suede boots, Prince Albert paid tribute to his wife’s work by wearing a T-shirt by Princess Charlene Foundation in South Africa for its initiative against rhino poaching #ChasingZero.

These latest pictures were admired by thousands of fans of the princess, with many expressing their happiness at seeing the couple together.

One commented on the pictures on Instagram saying: “Happy to see you united in love.”

Another wrote: “So happy that you’re with your family Your Highness! You deserved all the love and more!”

And a third added: “Wish you great and happy moments with your beautiful family”.

Earlier on Wednesday, Princess Charlene could not hide her joy at seeing again in person her children Jaques and Gabriella and her husband.

In a caption shared with the pictures of the family reunited, she wrote: “I am so thrilled to have my family back with me.”

Addressing her daughter’s attempt at giving herself a new hairstyle, the Monaco princess added: “(Gabriella decided to give herself a haircut!!!) Sorry my Bella I tried my best to fix it.”

Princess Charlene travelled to South Africa in May to carry out conservation work.

However, she has been barred from flying back to Monaco after she developed an ENT infection following a sinus lift and bone graft held in preparation for dental implants.

To heal, Princess Charlene has undergone three surgeries – the last taking place on August 13.

Following the four-hour-long operation, Prince Albert issued a heartfelt statement via his palace to update royal watchers.

It read: “The operation went well, Princess Charlene is resting and we are thinking of her with tenderness.”

Given the 43-year-old Olympian was forced to remain in South Africa, Prince Albert and the twins travelled to the country to visit her in June.

Unable to leave for Monaco by July 1, Princess Charlene was forced to spend her 10th wedding anniversary far from Albert.

However, she publicly showed her love for the Monegasque prince by sharing a few videos with footage from their blossoming romance, their wedding and life together on Instagram.

In July, Charlene said she was expecting to remain in South Africa until October, saying she “cannot force healing”.

She told South Africa Radio 702 host Mandy Wiener: “Initially I was supposed to be here for 10 to 12 days, unfortunately, I had a problem equalising my ears, and I found out through the doctors that I had a sinus infection and quite a serious one.

“So, it’s taking time to address this problem that I’m having.”

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