Princess Charlotte: How Kate Middleton swiftly dealt with tantrum in unearthed video

Princess Charlotte made 'royal fuss' during tour says expert

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Princess Charlotte turns seven today. Kensington Palace marked the milestone with three adorable photographs of the young royal taken near the family home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall. The pictures, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself, depict Charlotte sitting in a field of bluebells with her long hair draped around her shoulders.

One photograph shows her with her arm around the family dog.

While Prince William and Kate try to keep their three children’s lives as normal and private as possible, they have nevertheless grown up in the glare of the public eye.

This means that normal family moments sometimes take place in front of the whole world and, while every child has a public meltdown now and again, one of Charlotte’s was caught on camera.

When Charlotte was two years old, she was spotted having a classic toddler tantrum at the end of a royal tour, earning her a stern telling off from her mother.

During a royal visit to Hamburg, Germany in 2017, the princess caused a scene at the airport.

The Cambridges had come to the end of a two-day visit to Germany and Poland and were looking at some helicopters before it was time to head home.

But Charlotte appeared to have reached her limit.

The family were looking at a booklet of papers, presented to them by the host of the tour.

Charlotte appeared to get frustrated when she could not get a good hold of them.

She jumped up and down, stamping her feet, before falling to a heap on the floor in a temper tantrum.

Charlotte screwed up her face and demonstrated her discontent to her mother as she held her hand.

However, Kate dealt with the situation in a very calm way, giving her child a ticking off before picking her up and carrying her.

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All the while, the cameras followed the drama, catching Kate’s scolding as she stooped to speak to Charlotte on her level.

It looked like Kate was pointing to the cameras to remind the princess she was being filmed.

Usually, the Cambridge children are very well behaved on royal engagements, charming the public with their youthful excitement.

However, Charlotte is believed to be more confident than her brothers, Prince George, eight, and Prince Louis, four.

Kensington Palace releases new images of Princess Charlotte

Kate has reportedly referred to her as the “boss of the household”, while body language expert Judi James told the MailOnline in 2021 that she “does appear to be something of a little leader in the family dynamic”.

Royal fans were besotted with the new photographs released today.

Baroness Foster tweeted: “Lovely photographs, especially with your gorgeous dog. Happy birthday Charlotte… how time flies!”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @19Hope60 added: “What glorious pictures of the birthday girl!! Here’s to a lovely day for Princess Charlotte tomorrow.

“And an extra bonus to see the Cambridge family dog ‒ lovely photos by Mum once more.”

The next birthday in the Cambridge house will be George’s ninth birthday in July.

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