Princess Charlotte may receive ‘prestigious’ title to show ‘seniority’

Princess Charlotte 'may be given Duchess of Edinburgh' says Ewart

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Charlotte, who is the second-born child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, is just seven-years-old and is currently placed under her father, Prince William and elder brother, Prince George. However, the only daughter of Prince William could be set to receive her own special royal title, one that was previously held by the late Queen. Former ITV News royal editor Tim Ewart recently spoke of the “prestigious” title on Sky News Australia.

Mr Ewart said: “Princess Charlotte may be given a new honour.

“Charlotte, who is seven, may very well be given the title Duchess of Edinburgh now that [that] title is vacant.”

He noted that the title has been “vacant” since the late monarch’s death in September, as it was “one of her titles”, and could be awarded to her young great-granddaughter.

He added that upon the late monarch’s death, it “went to the Crown” and hasn’t been “used by King Charles” and is now “his to give to whoever he chooses”.

Mr Ewart pointed out that it was previously intended to go to the late Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, however “there is suggestion that [Charles] wants to promote those members of the Royal Family who are higher in the line of succession”.

Prince Edward currently stands fourteenth in the line of succession.

He noted that Charlotte could become Queen, one day, if George was to “pre-decease her”  and “have no children” and the idea of giving the young royal the “prestigious” title “would be a recognition of her seniority within the Royal Family”.

Speaking of females in the line of succession, he added: “You may remember a few years ago, and it was actually in Australia at the 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government, it was announced that the whole thing about men, primogeniture it’s called, having precedence over females in the line of succession was to change”.

He added that “had it been in that time’, Charlotte would have “[fallen] behind her younger brother Louis” but “that doesn’t happen anymore so she retains her position in that line of succession”.

Princess Charlotte 'is equal in succession' says Koenig

Charlotte was born in May 2015, just shy of two years after Prince George.

The Prince and Princess of Wales welcomed their third child, and second son, Prince Louis in 2018.

Princess Charlotte joined her elder brother and parents at the late monarch’s state funeral in September.


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The Prince and Princess of Wales reportedly left the decision to attend the funeral down to the two children.

Speaking, at the time, to, child behavioural expert Gemma Arnold, of ToddlersTeensandBetween praised Charlotte and George.

She claimed that it was clear that the two young royals “knew the public would be watching” and that “their parents have educated them on those elements”.


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