Princess Charlotte ‘richer’ than her brothers thanks to stylish Kate

Prince George and Princess Charlotte take seats at Wimbledon

Princess Charlotte of Wales is richer than every other child on Earth, including her own brothers, thanks to her mum’s luxurious fashion choices, a study has found.

According to a study by Electric Ride on Cars, Charlotte’s whopping £3.5billion net worth is all thanks to her mum Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales.

Princess Charlotte has inherited what they called the “Kate Middleton effect”.

The eight-year-old princess has ranked higher than not just other celebrity children, but also brothers Prince Louis and Prince George.

She also topped the list for the highest future inheritance, which came in at an eye-watering £3,594,932,000.


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Older brother Prince George ranked as the second richest child with an estimated net worth of £3.4billion, the study found.

His net worth is based on his estimated future inheritance and his impact on the UK economy, the study authors wrote.

The second in line to the throne had the second-highest future inheritance, coming in at a staggering £2,451,090,000. But the juicy sum is still more than a billion pounds less than his younger sister’s predicted inheritance.

Electric Ride on Cars’ report stated: “Although her net worth has dropped by 12 percent since 2021, she still edges out her older brother Prince George, apparently due to the ‘Kate Middleton effect’, where the fashion choices of the Royal Family can have a huge impact on fashion trends.”

The Princess’ outfits have already been making waves in the world of children’s fashion and has becoming something of a style icon.

She recently captured the attention of the public when she donned a pair of stylish sunglasses at Wimbledon.

Looking just as chic as her style icon mum, Kate, Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte exuded confidence as she sat courtside with her family.

Princess Kate’s only daughter already has a significant influence on the sales of children’s clothes, with parents across the globe inspired by Charlotte’s youthful style for their own children.

Charlotte is poised to inherit a senior title when dad Prince William becomes King, which could be the current title of Princess Anne – The Princess Royal.

Traditionally, the title is handed to the eldest daughter of the reigning monarch but is not necessarily guaranteed if the earlier holder is still alive.

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