Princess Diana defied Royal Family rules to get William and Harry to know ‘real’ life

Princess Diana did William and Harry ‘huge favour’ says expert

The Royal documentary series Ulisse reflected on the impact Princess Diana’s parenting had on her two sons. Prince Harry and Prince William have both been praised for their down-to-earth attitude and outlook on life. Documentary narrator Luca Ward said: “It is in the upbringing of her two sons, William and Harry, that Diana was truly revolutionary and seemed to challenge the customs of the Royal Family.

“She was a tender and present mother in every moment of their growth.

“She wanted them to know real life, outside the Palace’s gilded cage.”

Other royal experts have indicated that Princess Diana did Harry and William a huge favour by ensuring they were relatable to the public.

While speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, commentator Jemma Forte commended Princess Diana for wanting her sons to be “as normal as possible.”

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Ms Forte said: “When you think about to how Princess Diana was raising Harry and William you think what a huge favour she did them.

“She was very explicit about wanting them to be as normal as possible.

“That is why by contrast Harry and William come across as people you could relate to.”

Despite the ongoing love for their mother, the two brothers have long been in a feud and appeared very distant from one another.

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Royal experts have argued that the pair will eventually repair their relationship, potentially at the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue at Kensington Palace.

However, Royal author Robert Lacey has argued their relationship will never return to what it was.

Mr Lacey, the author of Battle of Brothers, said: “I expect that is the long-term solution here: duty in the form of William and Kate will take over the situation, and Harry and his love will enjoy the freedom of America and, I hope, obviously there will be some sort of reconciliation.


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“I think there will be a reconciliation

“There is texture and history between these brothers, but it’s never going to be the same.

“I would imagine the base for Harry and Meghan is going to remain in the United States for the foreseeable future.”

Mr Lacey believes the brothers gained two different lessons from the traumatic and public fallout of their parents’ marriage between the late 1980s and mid-1990s and argued it has helped shape their future.

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