Princess Diana heartbreak: Princess of Wales’ last days marred by Westminster clash

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Princess Diana left her royal duties when her divorce from Prince Charles became official in the summer of 1996. The Princess of Wales had continued to work with her husband to represent the Royal Family despite the pair separating in 1992. As she gained more freedom to pick what causes to support, Diana faced some opposition from the British Government.

Emma Cooper, the Executive Producer of the new CNN Original Series DIANA, spoke to Royally US host Christina Garibaldi to discuss Diana’s final days before her tragic death.

Ms Garibaldi asked: “What were those last few days like for Diana? She was only with Dodi for maybe four weeks but they were talking about engagement, things were moving very quickly and she was kind of feeling a little in over her head, right?”

Ms Cooper said: “It’s hard to say. We don’t have letters from that time, we don’t have recordings, we have the observations of the tabloid press.

“It was frenzied and out of control. I’m sure that within that she was trying to conduct a relationship and the press, the chasing and the attention was out of control.

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“The press and the government actually, around that time, had become so mean to Diana.

“That’s around the time she did her famous landmine walk, which again, we now value hugely and respect.”

Princess Diana faced backlash from the British Government after calling for a worldwide landmine ban at a time when Prime Minister John Major claimed the UK could not back such calls until the whole world had agreed to it.

The Princess of Wales dismissed the criticism she was hit with as an “unnecessary distraction.”

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Ms Cooper added: “We have some footage of her being told that meanwhile in London, there are male politicians saying; she’s crazy, she’s a loose cannon, what is she doing, and you see her reaction of absolute bewilderment.

“Again, she was just told she was crazy. Madwoman, stop doing it, you don’t know what you’re doing, and I think she was reeling from all of that.

“She wanted to be the Queen of our hearts, she wanted to be the People’s Princess.”

“But she was constantly barred from doing that by establishment figures who more often than not, were men.”


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Ms Garibali added: “It seems like Diana’s life was just getting started, she was opening up this new chapter of her life when she tragically passed away.

“She was about to really have her own life, and break out on her own.” 

Diana had previously been married to Prince Charles and spoke candidly about her suffering in the Royal Family. 

By the end of the marriage, both admitted to having had affairs whilst still married.

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