Princess Diana ‘put on a good show’ to win over Queen in early stages of Charles romance

Princess Diana had to face ‘Balmoral test’ reveals insider

Princess Diana was able to impress the Queen and the Royal Family in the early days of her relationship with Prince Charles, according to a royal expert. Channel 5’s documentary ‘Secrets of Royal Palaces’ saw royal expert Ingrid Seward reflect on one of Princess Diana’s first stays at Balmoral. Diana was subject to the Balmoral test where the Royal Family would be introduced and quiz the partners of those brought to the home.

Narrator Glynis Barber said: “In September 1980, Prince Charles asked the Queen to invite his latest girlfriend, Diana Spencer, to Balmoral for the weekend.

“This was a positive sign that this relationship was important to him.

“But for any potential wife or husband, there is a secret tradition that takes place at this royal palace.

“Would Diana pass the Balmoral test?

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“This was a make or break moment for the budding relationship.”

Ms Seward commended Princess Diana for her attitude during the weekend meeting Prince Charles’ family.

She also noted how difficult this experience had been for other girlfriends of members of the Royal Family.

She said: “The Queen thought this girl was completely charming.

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“Diana seemed to love everything about the outdoors which of course she didn’t at all.

“But she was really putting on a good show.

“When you stay in one of the royal residences there is a lot of pressure to try and get it right.

“Other girlfriends of Prince Charles had fallen down.”

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Royal Commentator Richard Kay reiterated the difficulty of the test and said: “The Balmoral test is a pretty terrifying moment for any would-be girlfriend.

“You are really given the once-up-and-down by the Royal Family.

“You have really got to know your Ps and Qs.”

Diana ultimately won over the whole of the Royal Family and went on to marry Prince Charles in July 1980.

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