Princess Diana ‘shaded’ by the Royal Family website, says royal fan

A popular TikTokker has unearthed a controversial detail in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Family website biography after comparing it to King Charles III’s and the Queen Consort’s. TikTok user Lord Everett spotted disparities in the passages describing each member of the Firm’s marital history – and suggested that Diana’s was loaded with “shady” innuendos.

The recent TikTok video, titled ‘Royal Family Website is Shady!’, has racked up more than 3,700 likes so far.

In the clip, Lord Everett explains: “I noticed her biography, where it details her marriage, is a bit different to that of Charles and Camilla.”

He first draws attention to the final paragraph of Camilla’s biography, which contains information about her previous marriage to Brigadier Parker Bowles.

The paragraph reads: “The Queen Consort was previously married to Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles and the marriage was dissolved in 1995.”

Moving on to his Majesty’s biography, Lord Everett again highlights the passage addressing the King’s marriages.

Aside from detailing his marriage with Camilla, the passage says that King Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana was “dissolved on August 28, 1996”.

In contrast, Diana’s biography appears slightly more ambiguous, noted the TikTok user.

Just like the King’s, it contains a paragraph describing her separation from the Prince of Wales.

An additional passage is included in the biography, however, which reads: “In November 1995, The Prince faced a television interview during which she spoke of her unhappiness in her personal life and the pressures of her public role.

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“The Prince and Princess were divorced on 28 August 1996.”

The TikToker notes that Diana’s biography contains a lot “more detail” about her separation, compared to the King and Queen’s.

Lord Everett also points out differences in the language used to describe the dissolution of both marriages.

While the word “dissolved” is used in both Charles’ and Camilla’s biographies, the term “divorced” is used in Diana’s.

“And it also doesn’t have any type of detail on Camilla, nor Charles’s biography about their first marriages. Especially to the extent of what is on Diana’s,” added Lord Everett.

“Now obviously we know why Charles and Diana got divorced, and we know who was a big reason why they got divorced.”

The TikToker suggests the biography insinuates that the divorce happened as a result of the pressures of Diana’s “public role”.

To clarify his point, he uses the example of a fourth biography on the website, belonging to Edward VIII.

The former King of England met and fell in love with a married American woman, Wallis Simpson, in 1930.

After concerns grew in the Cabinet about Edward’s private life, the royal “realised he had to choose between the Crown and Ms Simpson, who, as a twice-divorced woman, would not have been acceptable as a Queen,” states the Royal website.

“If find it quite strange how they word everybody’s biography differently,” notes Lord Everett, adding that there is “emphasis on the negativity” in both Diana and King Edward’s profiles.

He continues: “Obviously of course, they can’t have the King and Queen being scandalised in writing.

“But if they’re going [to take] route, why even put all of that on their biographies. Just keep it simple for Edward and Diana.”

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