Princess Diana statue dubbed ‘bland and lifeless’ as ‘holy than thou’ depiction scorned

Princess Diana statue is 'bland and lifeless' says commentator

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Art critic Estelle Lovatt argued that the Princess Diana statue was soulless and bland as she reflected on its unveiling. While speaking on TalkRadio, she argued the statue did not reflect the inner or outer beauty of the popular royal princess. She also complained about the children’s depiction which she claimed had old faces.

She went on to explain this may have been an intentional action, to make Diana appear holy, like that of Catholic saint statues.

However, she concluded that the statue did not do the princess justice.

Ms Lovatt said: “This is such a disappointment, isn’t it?

“Disappointing when we are dealing with somebody who was beautiful outside as she was inside.

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“Then we have this predictable, poor, bland, lifeless soulless sculpture of this giant woman who looks like she has been doing pull-ups and press-ups in the gym, showing off her cleavage.

“Nothing like Princess Diana at all, surrounded by three children, two boys and a girl and there is talk that the children have very old faces.”

The art critic went on to describe how the children’s “old” looking faces may have been intentional for the betterment of the Diana portion of the statue.

She continued: “I wonder why the sculptor, Ian Rank-Broadley did that.

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“The only reason I could think of is perhaps, if you go back to the Renaissance and think of some of the portraits of how babies were depicted.

“Christ was depicted as a child with an old face, that was to give the image more respect and make the mother look holy than thou.

“Maybe that is what the sculptor trying to do, trying to make Diana heavenly, like a Catholic saint.”

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At the unveiling, the sculptor gave detailed answers on what he was trying to achieve with the statue.

Mr Rank-Broadley said: “In my mind, I was trying to do something for the Princes.

“The Princess was a very public figure, in many respects an icon but she was somebodies mother.

“In many ways, it was a collaborative effort.”

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