Princess Diana’s brother says she hated Donald Trump in letters row

Jemima Khan discusses Princess Diana’s ‘arranged’ marriage

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Princess Diana thought Donald Trump was “worse than an anal fissure”, according to her brother Charles Spencer. His heated comments come as Trump claimed Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II “kiss my a***” in letters set to be published for the first time a new book.

But Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, was surprised to hear of the former president’s boasts and accused Trump of using Diana’s name to “sell some real estate”.

“Surprised to hear that Donald Trump is apparently claiming that my late sister Diana wanted to “kiss his a***”, since the one time she mentioned him to me – when he was using her good name to sell some real estate in New York – she clearly viewed him as worse than an anal fissure,” Earl Spencer said in a tweet.

The claim comes as Donald Trump is set to release his new book, Letters to Trump, in April. It is said to reveal 150 letters written both to and from royals, world leaders, former presidents and celebrities.

Trump said of the book: “I think they’re going to see a very fascinating life. I knew them all and every one of them kissed my a***, and now I only have half of them kissing my a***.”

Letters from former presidents including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton are included in the book, as are letters from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Letters from celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, will also be included.

This isn’t the first time Trump has boasted about his interactions with members of the Royal Family. Trump previously claimed that Queen Consort Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II were competing for his attention at a royal banquet.

However, he also praised the late monarch ,calling her “truly a legend”. Speaking to Piers Morgan, he said: “She [Camilla] was on my right, the Queen was on my left, and I said ‘Queen, I really have to talk to Camilla for a little while too’. We couldn’t break apart.”

He added: “[Camilla] was funny, she was smart, she was quick, she was great. I like her too. I like Charles.”

In Howard Stern interviews which resurfaced in 2018, Trump made several outrageous remarks about Diana and her sexual health.

In 2000, he told Stern that he would get intimate with Her Royal Highness “without hesitation” – but would ask her take an HIV test beforehand. He also spoke with Stern on the topic in 1997.

In his book, The King: The Life of Charles III, author Christopher Andersen claimed that Trump had “relentlessly pursued” Diana after her divorce from King Charles in 1996.

Letters to Trump will be released next month by Winning Team Publishing. The company has described it as a “colourful photo book [which] captures the incredible, and oftentimes private correspondence, between President Donald J Trump and some of the biggest names in history”.

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