Priti Patel tells France ‘stop boats crossing Channel’ – UK will be ‘fair but firm’

Priti Patel called on to deliver anti-migrant armada

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“There is no reason why any asylum seeker should come to the United Kingdom from France,” the Home Secretary will say. “Control” will be at the heart of the New Plan For Immigration, which is overhauling the asylum system and tightening rules for illegal arrivals. “What is happening with small boats is unsafe, unfair and unacceptable,” delegates will be told.

The number of migrants who have crossed the Channel this year is now above 17,000 – more than double the 8,417 total for 2020 – with almost three months left of 2021.

The Home Secretary’s wide-ranging speech will also cover violence against women, action by Insulate Britain and policing.

She is set to make protests blocking roads and railways illegal. And those who impede a motorway will face longer behind bars, with new prison sentences of up to six months. Police officers will also be given powers to stop and search activists for “lock-on” equipment used to prevent them from being moved.

Criminal Disruption Prevention Orders will aim to stop prolific eco-zealots from travelling around the country to cause disruption.

Ms Patel is also pledging to redouble her efforts to “ensure women and girls feel safer” in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder by police officer Wayne Couzens.

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