Pups dumped in woods just hours after birth survive against the odds

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A litter of adorable newborn pups have survived against the odds after being cruelly dumped and left to freeze in woodland.

They were rushed from the woods to a nearby vets in Sheffield where staff slowly warmed up their freezing bodies before they were taken into the care of the city’s RSPCA.

As they were far too young to be away from their mum, they had to be hand-reared – and staff and volunteers were quick to help out by each fostering a pup.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector, Sara Jordan, launched an investigation to find the person responsible for abandoning the puppies, before taking one male to hand-rear who she named Otter.

Her colleague Inspector Leanne Booth took in his brother Lenni, while other volunteers took on sisters Lily, Bea, and Clover.

Sadly, Clover died aged just eight days old from suspected parvovirus. Lenni also contracted this deadly disease but survived.

This kind of abandonment is on the increase and the RSPCA has seen a shocking 25 per cent rise in the number of abandonment incidents, with 13,159 recorded in the year to October 2022, up from 10,519 in the previous year.

The RSPCA believes the rising cost of living is causing more people to abandon or neglect their pets, and it fears that this trend will worsen.

To help rescuers aid abandoned pets you can donate to the RSPCA’s Winter Rescue campaign here.

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