Queen and Royal Family savagely attacked online as calls for ‘Scottish Republic’ erupt

Queen arrives in Edinburgh for week in Scotland

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This came after the Queen arrived in Edinburgh for Royal Week earlier today. She was accompanied by Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie for a traditional ceremony to kick off the week of engagements. But responding to the visit, one user accused the Royal Family of “love bombing” Scotland.

Liz Willdridge (@staffordgirl) wrote on Twitter: “Their staff, and families are coming to love bomb Scotland.

“Hope everyone is tested for Covid before they enter our country.

“Hope they tell Lizzie how the MAJORITY of Scotland ignored her stupid jubbly weekend and all those stupid programs.”

Another user, Akasan Siwo (@AkasanSiwo) described the royals as “unelected illiterates”.

They wrote: “The Last time the Queen was in Scotland she was booed.

“Since then, her health started to decline.

“Scotland will be the first getting out of the union after the Queen passes.

“Why keep a bunch of unelected illiterates who call themselves royal be head of state of any country?”

Meanwhile, #ScottishRepublic began trending on Twitter, with one user, John Kinloch (@JayKay1903) writing: “Must be a referendum pending … #ScottishRepublic”.

Upon arrival in Edinburgh, the Queen took part in the Ceremony of the Keys at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

During the ceremony, the monarch is offered the keys to the city by the Lord Provost.

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But tradition dictates she return the keys, entrusting Edinburgh’s elected officials with their safekeeping.

The Queen’s decision to travel to Scotland’s capital today was only confirmed this morning, amid her ongoing mobility problems.

The 96-year-old monarch has cut back on a number of engagements in recent months as a result of the issues.

Royal Week typically involves a garden party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse but officials confirmed that the Queen would not be taking part this year.

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Countess Sophie of Wessex will host the party in her place.

The Queen is expected to stay at the Palace of Hollyroodhouse – her official residence in Edinburgh – until 1 July.

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