Queen heartbreak: Why monarch will always have ‘door open’ for Meghan Markle and Harry

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Royal experts say her Majesty was aware that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were unhappy with their senior royal duties even before they announced their resignation. However, she did not imagine the couple would take such a decision but understands their standpoint, nonetheless.

It was the Queen’s experience with her younger sister Princess Margaret that motivated her decision to allow Harry to quit the royal life.

Speaking to People, royal biographer Robert Lacey said: “She has a particular sensitivity to what Harry has been going through because of her closeness to Margaret and seeing the same dramas and tensions played out two generations ago.

“The younger-sibling syndrome is an enduring problem.

“The system has not found a way of giving them the recognition that they need.

“Until Elizabeth produced heirs, Margaret was a possible future Queen.

It is a family situation of conflict that goes back over generations.”

The Queen is still willing to give Meghan and Harry a second chance should they regret their decision in future.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward said: “She won’t dwell on the exit. She is very pragmatic.

“She has left the door open for Harry especially — the year of review was with Harry in mind.”

This is the reason why the monarch has a 12-month review in place is for the couple to assess whether their decision gave them the results they expected.

Julie Montagu Viscountess Hinchingbrooke explained in the documentary Royals: A family in crisis how she will keep an eye on the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex to ensure they are making the right choices.

She said: “Putting that 12-month review in place goes to show you that the Queen will be watching them like a hawk.

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“She will want to see everything that they are doing, what they are making money from and how it is affecting the Royal Family.

“So there must be some concern from the Queen about what their intentions are.”

But after the couple moved to the United States with their son, Archie, the Queen is said to have been “very sad” that she sees little of him.

A royal source said: “It’s fair to say she is very upset about him and Meghan leaving and she would love to see more of Archie, as would Prince Charles and the rest of the family.

“But she accepts at the moment that his mind is made up and he intends to live in North America.

“However, she also wanted to make it clear that the arrangement can only work if they do not exploit their royal status and try to ‘cash in’ — that’s why she wouldn’t let them use the word ‘royal’ for their foundation.

“The Queen is protecting the institution and she is also aware of the cost of security.

“That is something that still needs to be resolved. But Harry is also a much-loved grandson who she has always doted on.

“She made it very clear to him that he and Meghan are always able to come back if they change their minds and she will welcome them with open arms.

“Hopefully the chat cleared the air and the way forward is looking more positive.

“But she wanted to make certain Harry knew there were limits and the whole set-up is subject to a review after 12 months.”

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