Queen hospital visit sees palace aides likely to ‘speed up review’ of royal commitments

Queen's schedule set for 'adjustments' says expert

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The Queen’s recent hospital trip on the back of a hectic engagement schedule in October is likely to see the royal appointment book undergo “adjustments, according to the host of the Royal Rota. Her Majesty visited King Edward VII’s hospital in London on Wednesday for “preliminary investigations,” this came after the monarch was advised by doctors against undertaking a royal visit to Northern Ireland. 

 Royal Producer Lizzie Robinson said: “They will possibly consider the diary going forward.

“You are dealing with somebody that’s 95 she will be 96 next April.

“They have made adjustments in the past with Queen, the stick being one of them.

“I think I said last week, there were adjustments made to when she does the state opening of Parliament so that she didn’t have to use the stairs she could use the lift, she didn’t have to wear the crown, it was on the cushion.

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“So perhaps going forward, you might see some adjustments to her schedule. 

Royal Editor Chris Ship said: “Maybe it will just speed up the review that they probably do routinely in any of case of the Queen’s diary commitments.

“For example, now we’ve had this they might actually think did we ask too much of her in October.

“When you think the age 95 I mean most people, well most women actually because in the UK they used to retire at 60, so most women have been retired for 35 years by this point, and here’s the Queen of 95 still going fairly strong.

Queen’s diary under ‘careful scrutiny’ says royal correspondent

“But we understand don’t we that when she was in Balmoral in the summer she was still riding horses, so you know clearly someone still very capable and able and physically fit and well to all intents and purposes.”

Ms Robinson added: “Yeah, and she’s been in remarkably good health, this overnight stay at the King Edward that she’s just had that was her first for eight years.

“You know, coming back out of the lockdown that we’ve had, she was very keen to return to a public-facing role to get back out and meet people.

“We’ve seen in her schedule that she’s done just that perhaps going forward we might just begin to see some adjustments made.”

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The Queen’s short stay at King Edward VII’s hospital in London on Wednesday for “preliminary investigations” was kept a secret by Buckingham Palace.

It is understood the Queen was due to stay for only a short period while seen by specialists, so the development was not announced by the Palace at the time, and protecting her medical privacy was also a consideration.

The overnight admittance was for “practical reasons”, a source said.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said late on Thursday night: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits.”

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