Queen looking for ‘proactive’ Buckingham Palace cleaner – with salary starting at £11,300

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The Queen is hiring a new member of the cleaning crew based at Buckingham Palace. The perfect candidate for the role of daily cleaner will be “highly efficient and proactive”, according to the advert published on the Royal Household’s website.

The vacancy advert explains candidates with previous cleaning or hospitality experience would have an advantage – but makes it clear what matters are a “keen eye for detail” and reliability.

Speaking further about the ideal candidate, the advert warns eagerness to learn and a positive and flexible approach to work are also important.

It read: “Highly efficient and proactive, and with good time management skills, you’ll be able to prioritise and manage a busy daily workload.

“And with a positive and flexible approach to work, you’ll be happy to get involved in a range of duties, supporting the wider team.

“Above all, you will be eager to learn and develop your skills.

“This is your opportunity to use your enthusiasm and passion to deliver the exceptional.”

Speaking about the role, the advert also said: “Joining our professional team at our sites in London, you’ll upkeep, clean and care for a wide range of interiors and items, ensuring they’re presented to their very best.

“Learning from your colleagues, you’ll gain the specialist professional skills needed, always aiming for the highest standards.

“And on occasion you’ll support functions and events too.

“In an environment where development and training is commonplace, you’ll be able to grow your skills within your role.”

This role is advertised for either 20 or 40 hours per week.

And the salary will depend on how many hours are taken up by the new Buckingham Palace hire.

Speaking about the salary for this permanent role, the advert mentions “£11,300 to £22,600 (depending on hours)”.

Prospective employees will likely go through tests to make sure they are the best fit for Buckingham Palace.

Tracey Waterman, the head of recruitment at the palace, previously revealed one trial she has used in the past to spot the particularly good cleaners among the applicants.

Speaking on the Channel 5 documentary ‘Sandringham: The Royals at Christmas’, Ms Waterman said: “The difference between housekeeper in a five-star hotel and in a royal Palace would be attention to detail.

“One of the tests I like to do, to see if a candidate has potential eye for detail, is to place a dead fly, either in the fireplace or on the carpet.

“Once the dead fly is placed, I then bring the candidate into the room.

“I lead them into the room quite slowly, just giving them a chance to glance at the room, have a little look at what we’ve got inside the room.”

The perfect candidate, Ms Waterman said, should not just spot the fly but also pick it up.

She said: “It’s a great test, maybe out of 10 people half the candidates will notice the fly.

“One out of 10 will actually bend down and pick it up – that’s the special housekeeper.”

Buckingham Palace has been the main residence of the Queen for more than six decades.

However, following the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the monarch moved to Windsor Castle and has made that her main residence since.

Over the past months, Her Majesty has returned to her London home only to carry out engagements, including her first in-person meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in June or the launch of the Queen’s Baton Relay earlier this month.

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