Queen Margrethe II cancels winter holiday plans amid health woes

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The Danish Queen has cancelled her yearly winter holiday due to health issues. The Danish Royal Court shared a statement announcing the head of state will no longer head to Gausdal, in Norway, as she is experiencing “problems with her back”.

Queen Margrethe, 82, also missed today’s public audience, with her firstborn and heir Crown Prince Frederik stepping in for her.

The statement read: “Her Majesty The Queen has cancelled her private stay in Norway due to problems with her back.

“It also means that the Crown Prince was in charge of today’s public audience at Christiansborg Palace.”

Queen Margrethe is known to love Norway and travels to Gausdal, located some three and a half hours from Oslo, every year.

In a previous interview, the Danish Queen didn’t hide her love for Skeikampen, a mountain and popular holiday destination in Norway.

She said: “There were mountains on mountains, it was white, and it was magnificent.

“I lost my heart with a big splash! It must be up there yet. And I have to come to Norway almost every year to find it again.”

The head of state’s winter break normally lasts for around two weeks.

The Royal Court’s statement comes after the Danish Royal Family shared some of its summer plans.

In line with a tradition started by King Christian IX, whose reign in Denmark lasted between 1863 and 1906, members of the Danish Royal Family will spend several weeks cruising on the royal yacht, named Dannebrog.

Among the different regions and cities Margrethe will visit are the Ertholmene archipelago, Randers Municipality in central Denmark and Bornholm Regional Municipality – an island in the Baltic Sea.

Queen Margrethe was a third cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, related through both Queen Victoria and King Christian IX of Denmark.

The two monarchs shared an affectionate relationship, with Margrethe previously saying she and the Queen got on “very well indeed”, and even had nicknames for each other – Daisy for the Danish sovereign and Lilibet for the British monarch.

Identifying the one quality about the British Queen she admired most, Queen Margrethe said: “The tone of her voice is very special. It’s very clear and a very attractive voice.

“You can feel the humour through it. There’s no doubt that she has a marvellous sense of humour.”

As a sign of the respect and affection she felt towards Elizabeth II, last year the Danish Queen decided to scale down her planned celebrations for her Golden Jubilee in the wake of the death of the British sovereign.

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