Queen Rania in passionate climate crisis appeal ‘We all stand to lose if we don’t act’

Queen Rania says she 'looks up to' Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Rania insisted countries across the world “stand to lose” to climate change if action is not taken immediately. The Jordan royal noted her country is expected to experience a severe rise in temperatures by 2050 while battling with widespread water scarcity as well. Speaking to ITV News, Queen Rania said: “Our planet is at a critical juncture and even the most ardent sceptics cannot escape the fact we have done some great damage to our planet.

We know it because most of us in the past few years have had first-hand encounters with the effects of the damage.

“We all know if we don’t do something soon, and we don’t take this issue seriously, we all stand to lose.

“The prognosis here in the Middle East is quite dire. In our region, we’re expecting warming to be double the global average, with temperatures probably increasing up to 4 degrees centigrade by 2050.”

She continued: “Here in Jordan, we’re considered the second most water-scarce country in the world. 

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“We’re trying our best to fight back, so we’re investing in renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency, launching a green Covid recovery plan.”

Queen Rania spoke to the British media pack assigned to follow Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall on a four-day tour to Jordan and Egypt.

The Jordan royal paid tribute to the Prince of Wales for his long-standing commitment to tackling the climate emergency despite the criticism he faced over the years.

She added: “I’m just glad that at this point people have actually started to understand what he’s been saying for so long.”.

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