Queen ‘saving up her energy’ for Platinum Jubilee events as royals stand in over Easter

Royals: Queen 'saving up her energy' for Platinum Jubilee events

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The Duke of Cambridge will lay a wreath of remembrance for Anzac Day as he stands in for the Queen in the traditional ceremony. Close members of the royal family have made appearances in place of the Monarch at several recent events as the Queen conserves energy for the Jubilee celebration this summer. Australian journalist Angela Mollard explained the Queen is recovering her strength after a battle with covid and continued struggles with mobility. Mollard highlighted the Queen “hasn’t actually attended much during the last few years,” as the elderly Monarch has struggled with health issues.

In an interview with Australian news network 7News, Mollard confirmed “Prince William will stand in for the Queen” in the upcoming Anzac Day ceremony. 

Mollard maintained the Australian and New Zealand day of remembrance was “very important” to the Queen despite her absence.

Buckingham Palace has announced the Queen will not attend Anzac Day proceedings as the Monarch is “saving up her energy for the Jubilee events,” according to Mollard.

She explained Prince Anne, Prince Charles and Prince Harry had previously laid a wreath in the ceremony in place of the Queen.

The Queen has significantly reduced royal appearances over recent months following reports of health struggles.

Buckingham Palace formally announced the Queen had tested positive for covid in February but she was able to continue “light duties” despite cold-like symptoms.

Mollard sympathised and acknowledged the Queen had “been sick with covid” alongside notable “mobility issues”.

The Queen has been seen walking with the aid of a cane when she has been able to attend royal engagements.

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The reduction in royal appearances for the Queen is a deliberate move to protect her health, claimed Mollard.

She continued: “[the Queen] wants to be in the best possible health” for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Mollard speculated Platinum Jubilee appearances for the Queen are expected to start “as early as May”.

While other members of the Royal family have often replaced the Queen in recent ceremonies, the Monarch continues to engage in ‘virtual visits’ conducted through video.

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Discussing a ‘virtual visit’ made by the Queen to the Royal London Hospital, the Australian hosts celebrated her “spritely” appearance.

“She was really funny,” remarked Mollard.

The Queen met with patients and staff at the hospital, of which she is a patron, to mark the official opening of the Queen Elizabeth Unit.

The Australian journalists rejoiced at the Queen “smiling” throughout the virtual appearance which could offer a viable alternative to frequent personal appearances.

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