Queen to continue ‘virtual visits’ to cope with Covid exhaustion and mobility issues

Queen to continue ‘virtual visits’ predicts commentator

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The Queen has broken tradition by offering insight into her medical condition as she revealed her battle with coronavirus left her “exhausted”. Recent royal appearances have also shown the monarch to be walking slowly and assisted by a cane, highlighting suspected mobility issues. In order to continue with Royal engagements, Buckingham Palace has become the backdrop of new “virtual visits” conducted by the Queen. Royal reporter Cameron Walker speculated to GB News that the public should expect to see “more and more of these virtual visits,” in order to manage the Queen’s health.

Speaking of her experience, the Queen explained she was left “very tired and exhausted” as she suffered from coronavirus in February 2022.

The Queen discussed her medical condition with NHS staff and patients of the Royal London Hospital in a recent video call.

The virtual visit was conducted to display the new Queen Elizabeth Unit at the hospital, of which the Queen serves as Patron.

Mr Walker described the event as a “chance to virtually visit and pay tribute to NHS workers and meet patients virtually rather than in person.”

The Royal reporter explained “Buckingham Palace usually tries to keep medical details about the Queen as private as possible.”

The details revealed in the virtual visit with Royal London Hospital representatives was therefore a rare break from tradition for the Queen.

The 95-year-old Monarch was open and honest about the impact of the virus and was keen to offer sympathy to the experiences of the hospital’s patients.

Walker explained the concept of royal virtual appearances would allow the Queen to “keep meeting British citizens, as she has done for over 70 years.”

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Concerning her health, Buckingham Palace has confirmed the Queen received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine in January 2021. Since then, reports suggest “she has had a further two doses,” added Walker.

Despite the fatigue experienced by the Queen during her illness, she continued to conduct “light duties” and has since “recovered” from the symptoms she experienced.

The Queen has been witnessed using a cane when walking at recent Royal engagements, including the memorial service for her husband, Prince Philip.

The introduction of greater virtual appearances would offer great benefit to the weakening mobility of the Monarch.

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Her virtual appearance at the Royal London Hospital follows several cancellations of event attendance from the Queen.

The Palace announced she would not attend a Commonwealth Day service held in early March and would instead be represented by her son, Prince Charles.

The reduction in her public appearances led many to believe the Queen was suffering further health concerns after her diagnosis of coronavirus.

There are hopes that future virtual visits will enable the Queen to continue representing the country in Royal appearances regardless of the frailty of her personal health.

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