Queen vows to END rift: Monarch to resolve crisis after tell-all Meghan and Harry book

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Finding Freedom charts the couple’s painful decision to leave the fold. Despite the eyebrow-raising claims in the biography, the Daily Express understands the Queen is still willing to offer them an olive branch. Yesterday, further details of the rift within the family emerged.

Her Majesty has told aides she is determined to seek a way to bring the schism to an end. Tales laying bare the reasons behind the couple’s decision to quit their roles have embarrassed the Firm for months.

While relationships with other senior royals could be beyond repair, the monarch is still prepared to offer Harry, 35, a way back.

A royal insider told the Express: “At 94, the Queen is conscious of her legacy and would hope to resolve this family crisis in the next year.

“They will be welcomed back if they ever decide to rejoin the royals. But I think it’s too early for a truce between William and Harry.”

The book reveals the extent to which Harry has fallen out with his older brother William and how tempers flared when William reportedly referred to Meghan as “this girl”.

Palace aides are also said to have referred to US actress Meghan, 39, as “Duchess Difficult” because of her demanding behaviour.

The biography, which the couple say was not authorised by them, also claims they were jealous of William and Kate getting plum roles and felt unsupported by ­senior royals.

The source said: “The Queen and Prince Philip will be disappointed and aware that this is very like Princess Diana’s co-operation with Andrew Morton in 1992 for Diana: Her True Story.

“Many details in Finding Freedom could only have come from the Sussexes themselves, even if delivered to the authors via intermediaries.”

The source said the fall-out between the brothers was now close to irreparable, adding: “William and Kate will be the most hurt by the allegations, which are simply spiteful and undeserved.

“I think it’s too early for a truce between William and Harry after the fallout from this book.

“So much emphasis on the friction between the Cambridges and Sussexes, personally and professionally, gives little room for manoeuvre on either side.

“Harry is committed to his and Meghan’s view of their joint time as working royals whether or not it coincides with reality.

“It would take a massive act of forgiveness on William’s part to put aside this act of betrayal on himself, his wife and their loyal staff.

“There are no plans set in stone for their next meeting nor are there any definite royal engagements for Harry or Meghan.”

Buckingham Palace last night declined to comment on the book or its impact on the Royal Family.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan’s more cordial relationship with Prince Charles might in part be due to his pledge to continue ­funding them, casting doubts on their claim to crave financial independence.

Charles, 71, is believed to have been paying around £2.5million a year from his Duchy of Cornwall estate to support the couple and has vowed to carry on picking up the tab.

Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit their duties and flee to California has paved the way for multi-million pound pay days from lucrative commercial deals, endorsements, speaking events and book deals, which could swell a personal fortune already estimated at £34million. Writing for the Daily Express, Royal expert Margaret Holder said: “In excruciating detail, Finding Freedom chronicles the frustration of two privileged, spoilt people who didn’t get all their own way and are now in a perpetual cycle of whine and denial… an embittered couple at war with their own families.”

The source added: “Sadly, the only time Harry may be with the Royal Family again is likely to be at a funeral. Like the Duke of Windsor, the unwelcome guest who also betrayed his birthright for the woman he loved.”

Meanwhile, Meghan has confirmed that she plans to vote in the upcoming US presidential election.

She said: “I know what it’s like to have a voice, and also what it’s like to feel voiceless.”


ROYAL courtiers feared that the falling out of Prince William and Prince Harry may have threatened the very foundation of the monarchy and could even bring it to an end.

The authors of Finding Freedom have claimed that a crisis meeting was held in 2019 to “protect the monarchy” amid speculation about Harry’s deteriorating relationship with his brother.

Harry had bizarrely labelled William a “snob” for referring to Meghan as “that girl” after he voiced concerns that he might be rushing his romance with the television actress.

There was tremendous hype with Harry, Meghan, William and Kate being labelled the “Fab Four”.

But relations soon began to sour with the Sussexes deciding to move out of Kensington Palace and then opting to set up their own brand under the Sussex Royal banner.

One courtier allegedly told the authors the royal households were in full blown panic mode as the brothers’ relationship disintegrated.

They said: “It’s no secret, the future of this monarchy relies solely on the four people currently in Kensington Palace.

“The public popularity only lies with them. When he, the Prince of Wales, becomes King, the only way it lasts is if the four of them are not at war.

“We cannot have them at war.”

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