Queen’s playful nickname for everyday device she finds ‘rather amusing’

Queen Rania says she 'looks up to' Queen Elizabeth II

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The 96-year-old monarch is said to call her Sat Nav “the woman under the bonnet.” A royal source said the nickname demonstrates her “brilliant sense of humour and very quick wit”. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the source said: “The Queen doesn’t tolerate anyone lecturing her while driving, not even her late husband could tell her what to do.”

They continued: “A few years ago she started calling her ‘the woman under the bonnet’.

“It was very funny.

“Of course she knows very well where the voice comes from.

“But Her Majesty is very sharp.

“She has a brilliant sense of humour and a very quick wit.

“It always tickles people to hear her remark ‘It’s the woman under the bonnet again’ when she hears her voice.”

The Queen has often been praised for her sense of humour.

Prince Harry recently said his grandmother has a “great sense of humour”.

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In an interview with Today, he said: “Her ability to see the humour in so many different things.

“We have a really special relationship.

“We talked about things that can’t talk about with anybody else.”

He added: “She’s always got a great sense of humour with me and I’m just making sure that she’s protected and got the right people around her.”

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Historian Robert Lacey also praised the monarch for her ability to see the funny side of things.

Speaking to the BBC ahead of her 96th birthday, he said: “Laughing things off has been an important survival technique.”

He added: “She obviously takes her job seriously – but at the same time, it doesn’t stop her having a sense of the ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, Historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon said her sense of humour has helped with the “success of her reign”.

He said: “A defining characteristic is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“It’s significantly contributed to the success of her reign.”

Sir Anthony added: “There is a lack of pomposity, a certain irreverence.

“She’s able to laugh off misfortune and keep going.”

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