Queen’s rule to attend ‘enormous’ parties for staff members laid bare

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William Orbit, a music producer for Madonna, recalled providing the music entertainment at one of the Christmas parties thrown by Her Majesty to thank her loyal staff. These festive occasions are not open to every person employed by the Queen, the DJ said. 

Rather, staff members “have to be working for Her Majesty for a year to be invited”, Mr Orbit claimed.

And they need to have another year of service under their belt to be able to be accompanied by their spouses.

Mr Orbit told the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden: “I DJed for the Queen at Buckingham Palace for her Christmas staff party.

“Her parties for Palace staff are enormous. Every gardener, every security guard, it’s all in the Palace, in the ballroom.

“You have to be working for Her Majesty for a year to be invited, and two years if you want your spouse to come.”

The party, the DJ said, ended with the National Anthem being played.

Mr Orbit also described the monarch as “lovely”.

Recalling his conversations with the monarch, he said: “She always chats to you.

“She’s so beautiful and charismatic. We had a nice chat about DJing.”

As part of her end-of-year celebrations for the staff, the monarch also takes part in a gift-giving ceremony.

During this event, the monarch personally presents her gifts to some members of her staff, while the others receive them from fellow aides.

This tradition was started by her grandfather King George V. 

The Royal Family website confirms the existence of this custom, saying: “All members of The Royal Household will receive Christmas presents from The Queen, and Her Majesty will personally hand out presents to some members of The Royal Household at Buckingham Palace and at Windsor Castle.

“Continuing the tradition from her father, King George VI and her grandfather, George V – The Queen also gives Christmas puddings to her staff.

“About 1500 Christmas puddings paid for by The Queen (through the Privy Purse) are distributed to staff throughout the Palaces, staff in the Court Post Office and Palace police.

“Each pudding is accompanied by a greeting card.”

The Covid crisis reportedly forced the Queen to cancel this tradition for the first time in her reign in December 2020.

The monarch is currently spending the summer at Balmoral.

Since taking up residence at her castle north of the border, the monarch had been visited by a number of relatives, including Prince Edward and Lady Louise Windsor.

Earlier this week, a video emerged online showing Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, disembarking a commercial flight at Aberdeen Airport with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The family, accompanied by a nanny and security, were likely on their way to the Balmoral Estate.

The Queen normally stays in Scotland until early October.

However, if her health allows, she is expected to return to London in less than a fortnight to meet the new leader of the Conservative Party, to be announced on September 5, and ask them to form a new Government.

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