Queen’s touching way of remembering Prince Philip as anniversary of Duke’s passing looms

Prince Harry needs to 'stay on board with the Queen' says expert

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In a heartfelt display, Her Majesty has arranged for one of the Iron Duke’s most important outfits to be displayed in a touching act of remembrance. The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth has announced it will exhibit a naval uniform worn by the Duke of Edinburgh, including his admiral’s cap.

It will go on display on Saturday, the first anniversary of his passing at the age of 99.

The intriguing items will form part of an exhibition run by the museum to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

There will be a particular focus on Her Majesty’s close links with The Royal Navy.

The Queen is the ceremonial head of the Armed Forces but also has a deep personal connection to the Royal Navy as she became an officer’s wife and is the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served in the Royal Navy.

Two of her sons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew also served in The Royal Navy with the latter seeing active service in The Falklands War.

The exhibition will be called Her Majesty’s Service: The Queen’s Role At The Heart Of The Royal Navy Family.

In addition to Prince Philip’s uniform there will be photos of The Queen’s many military engagements.

The museum has also received a donation of 41 shell cases from the gun salute fired to commemorate Philip’s death. 

A spokesperson for the National Museum of the Royal Navy, said The Queen had a “deeper” and “more personal” connection to the Navy.

They said: “It captures the wide variety of duties, from the launching of ships, visits to personnel and the presentation of Queen’s Colours to world tours on the Royal Yacht, fleet reviews and street parties.

“There have been seven fleet reviews during her reign, including one to celebrate her coronation in 1953 just off the coast of Portsmouth, and most recently in 2005, to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

“The Queen also has a deeper, more personal connection to the Royal Navy and was born into a family steeped in service with the Royal Navy. 

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“As the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served as young men in the Royal Navy, she later married a serving naval officer and two of her sons became naval officers.

“She has experienced the same emotions felt by every member of a naval family and paid testimony to this at the commissioning ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2017.

“Photographs exploring the Queen’s long and loyal service and a recently acquired naval uniform belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh displayed for the first time alongside his admiral’s cap, add an intimate touch to the exhibition.”

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