Raging driver sees red during ‘get the f**** out of the way’ rant at eco mob

Holborn: Furious man clashes with Just Stop Oil protesters

A fuming motorist saw red as he confronted Just Stop Oil protesters who were holding up traffic during a slow march on London’s roads. The man was filmed screaming at the environmental activists, telling them to “get out the way”, “go and have a wash” and “go and get a job and do something useful”. He was one of many who lost the plot with one driver hitting the group with a lorry and another chucking water over them.

The angry dark-haired man, who donned a white hoodie and tracksuit trousers, said: “Get the f*** out the way now, get the f*** out the way now, you f****** c****.”

He added: “Go and have a f****** wash, you c****.”

He then jumps back in his black Nissan which slowly drives behind the group again. The man sticks his head out of the passenger window and shouts: “Go get a job you f****** c***. Go and do something useful you f****** tramp.

“What do you think of all these f****** cars sitting here causing f****** pollution, you silly f****** c***.

“Use your f****** brain…you know I’m making sense and all, don’t you, you silly f****** old c***.”

Police were seen laughing with the protesters during the group’s third slow march in two days.

From 8.45 am, around 28 Just Stop Oil protesters started their march from Newington Causeway, near Elephant and Castle, towards the Inner London Crown Court. 

At the start of the video, filmed and shared by the group online, a different man in a white polo shirt and shorts is seen ripping a Just Stop Oil banner away from the group and screwing it up. 

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Meanwhile, a lorry behind the march hits the group while they are filmed causing chaos in Holborn.

The group, holding large orange banners and wearing orange high-vis jackets, were escorted by around a dozen Met Police officers.

Officers attempted to lead the group onto the pavement but were ignored.

Elsewhere in the video, an ambulance is seen struggling to travel past the march and buses pass dangerously near to the protesters.


Police issued a Section 12 banning order on the group at 12.42 pm after it reached Cannon Street. The Met confirmed the protesters had moved off the road in the afternoon.

Among the protesters was a 21-year-old girl who says she lived 10,500 miles away in Melbourne, Australia. 

She gives a speech during the march, saying: “I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I have seen first-hand the things that I love on fire. 

“I have feared for my life and the lives of people that I love. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

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