Rapist targeted homeless woman because 'nobody would believe her'

A man has been jailed after raping a woman and telling her nobody would believe her if she reported him.

Mohammed Tarik, 21, stalked his victim through central London before attacking her near St Thomas’ Hospital on November 11, 2019.

He put her through a 30-minute ordeal and he appeared on Crimewatch because of that attack.

He was not caught following that appeal and struck for a second time on October 20, 2021, in Paddington, dragging a woman down an alleyway where he assaulted her.

Someone heard her screams and confronted Tarik who was arrested soon after.

He was linked to the rape near St Thomas’ thanks to DNA.

He was jailed for over 16 years after admitting four counts of rape and several other charges.

Prosecutor Carly Loftus said: ‘Mohammed Tarik targeted women when they were most vulnerable – while they were alone and in the dark. His attacks were vicious and in retaliation to his advances being rejected.

‘Tarik raped his first victim for 30 minutes in a prolonged and sustained assault before cruelly telling her that no one would care about her because she was homeless.

‘The prosecution case included DNA evidence obtained during the first attack. After Tarik was caught for the second attack, he provided a DNA sample to police which was found to match the DNA in the rape case from two years before. This forensic link meant Tarik had nowhere to turn.

‘These victims have suffered severe mental trauma as a result of Tarik’s behaviour. The first victim felt she could no longer live in this country and moved back to her native country. I hope these convictions give the victims some sense of closure in the knowledge that justice has been served.’

Detective Inspector Ian Kenward said: ‘Tarik is clearly a dangerous offender who posed a significant risk to woman. I am pleased that our investigation means he will now spend a considerable time behind bars.

‘I would like to praise the two women involved in these cases who both suffered such terrible and frightening experiences and I hope this outcome brings them a small amount of closure.

‘This case demonstrates the Met’s commitment to tackling violence against women and girls. We recognise we have more to do in this area to ensure everyone feels safe in London, but we will do all we can to ensure victims are supported and offenders are brought to justice.’

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