Rare black fox rescued after spending weeks on streets of UK town

A rare black fox has finally been captured and taken to safety after spending two weeks on the streets of a town in Wales. Named Shadow, the creature is believed to have escaped from its owner after being privately kept as an exotic pet. On April 8, Black Foxes UK began receiving reports of an abandoned “silver fox”.

Since then, they have been formulating a plan to capture the animal.

Now, animal rescuers have announced the fox was captured in Barry, Wales, on Monday.

On social media, the rescue service revealed the good news, detailing how difficult the capture was, to begin with.

“We have received hundreds of calls and messages, and attempts to locate the owner were fruitless,” Black Foxes UK said.

It added: “Due to stretched resources, the RSPCA were limited in their capacity to assist, asking members of the public to only call if the animal was injured. They were able to make an attempt to capture the fox several times but they were ultimately unsuccessful.

“Black Foxes UK had also sought the assistance of the Local Authority animal warden and local cat rescue, Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary, who assisted with the capture of an escaped silver fox in Barry, Wales, in 2021.

“They were able to safely capture the fox [on] Monday 24th April 2023.”

The male fox is around two years old and was called Shadow by his rescuers.

Black Foxes UK found that he appeared to be in good health and Vets4Pets, who treated the fox in their Barry branch, said he was given “the attention he required”. 

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Black Foxes UK thanked the local authority animal warden and Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary for going “above and beyond” to help provide emergency assistance for a “silver fox in need”. 

The rescue service added: ‘Shadow is very confident around people and was clearly well-socialised prior to his escape.

“Black Foxes UK have found a secure home for him with Animals Interactive.”

Hayley De Ronde, who runs the website blackfoxes.co.uk, has previously said owning and breeding the creatures needed to be regulated.

She said all sightings should be reported and urged witnesses not to approach the animals.

“While some of these sightings will be of native wild foxes, some of the animals seen are that of escaped exotic pets in need of being located and returned home,” Ms De Ronde said.

The silver fox may be the same animal that escaped in 2021 and was spotted outside the town’s Asda.

The animals are a subspecies of North American red foxes and have big bushy tails.

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