Readers’ magical memories exclusive of meeting our new King

Many Daily Express readers have shared their stories of meeting King Charles.

Patrick Anns, 72, once refused Charles access to a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm base in the 1970s when he forgot his ID card.

Patrick, of Worle, Somerset said: “As part of his training, Prince Charles was attached to our shore station amid very tight security.

“I was the main gate sentry with orders that nobody, repeat nobody, gets in without an ID card.

“HRH approached one morning in his Aston Martin, followed by his security detail. I stopped his vehicle, saluted and said, ‘May I see your ID card please, Sir? He said, ‘You know who I am?’

“I said, ‘I know who you look like, Sir. But my orders are no ID, no entry.’ He turned his car around and went back to get it.

“The security officer raced out and I explained. ‘WHAT!?’, he shouted, and told me he’d talk to me later. Meanwhile, HRH reappeared, produced his ID and was allowed to proceed on to the base.

“Once through the gates he parked right outside the guardroom and went in. I expected the worst, possible disciplinary action.

“Later I was summoned to the guardroom, where the security officer passed on a commendation from HRH for my vigilance.”

Cheri Newton of Sedbergh, in the Yorkshire Dales, recalled: “The Prince of Wales came to visit our Country House Hotel in Sedbergh in 2013 to help celebrate its 100th birthday.

“He chatted to some of our guests waiting to embark on their daily walk and even confessed he wished he could go with them.

“As he was leaving, a class of young schoolkids were outside waiting to see him. He talked to each one, even patting a pet dog who had tagged along.

Mementos he was given were being put in the boot of the car and one child shouted, ‘Is he riding in the boot?’. Everyone laughed, and our lovely new King was heard to say, ‘I really enjoyed that’.”

Aileen Ramsay, of Aberdeen wrote: “I met the Prince of Wales when he visited the Art College in Edinburgh in the 1970s to open our new building. In 2009 I was back in Aberdeen when he visited the Gordon Highlanders museum. He was always very chatty and interested in what we did.”

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Kevin More, ex-general manager of Eltham Palace in London, met Charles around 2002, when he visited the gardens.

Kevin said: “Before he arrived, his royal protection squad came to see me. I mentioned that he might be thirsty and was informed he liked a Pimm’s. “After greeting him, I presented him with a Pimm’s, which he politely sipped and said he was extremely grateful.

“A few days later, his private secretary sent me a letter inviting me and my staff to a private tour of his lovely gardens at Highgrove House.”

John Granger wrote: “I was introduced to Prince Charles when he visited the National Trust property Tredegar House in Newport, South Wales, in 2013.

“The meeting was brief, but he was so pleasant, he made me feel as if we had known each other for many years.”

Steve Taylor, of Broadclyst, Devon, who spent several days cutting the King’s cypher into his lawn, wrote to pass on his best wishes to the King and Queen.

Falklands veteran recalls a royal hospital visit after ship was sunk by Exocet missile

John Strange was a chief petty officer aboard HMS Sheffield when it was hit by an Argentine missile during the Falklands conflict.

John, of Gosport, Hants wrote to us: “On May 4, 1982, we were hit by an Exocet missile (inset), badly damaged and later sank with the loss of 20 shipmates.

“I was badly injured having received 46 per cent burns and a number of shrapnel wounds.

“Having received treatment onboard HMS Hermes and later onboard the Hospital Ship Uganda I was transferred to the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar in Gosport.

“Prince Charles visited the hospital in July 1982.

“He asked me about my injuries and experiences during the conflict and about my career during 18 years in the Royal Navy.

“During the conversation I congratulated him on the birth of his son Prince William, who was born three weeks previously.

“I would like to send King Charles and Queen Camilla my heartiest congratulations on their Coronation and wish them a long and happy reign. May God bless them both.”

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