Readers support ‘life goes on’ mentality – ‘how Queen would want it’

Queen's funeral: What to expect from service on 19th September

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The Queen’s funeral is due to take place on Monday, September 19, until which the UK will be in national mourning. However, there is no obligation to deviate from normal life during this time. King Charles III declared the day of the state funeral a national bank holiday to allow individuals and businesses to pay their respects.

The bank holiday will operate in the same way as other bank holidays, and there is no statutory entitlement to time off.

Following the Queen’s death on Thursday, September 8, many events and performances scheduled over the weekend were cancelled.  

The Premier League cancelled all football matches over the weekend, in addition to golf and test match cricket being postponed on Friday. 

The BBC Proms were called-off and some shops including Selfridges and Liberty closed on Friday.

In a poll that ran from 5pm on Friday, September 9, to 11am on Monday, September 12, asked readers: “Should shops close and events be cancelled this weekend to mourn Queen?”

Overall, 3,366 people responded with the majority, 57 percent (1,912 people) said “no”, shops and events should not be cancelled to allow the public to mourn. 

A further 42 percent (1,405 people) were in favour of cancellations following the Queen’s death, answering “yes”. 

Meanwhile, just one percent (49 people) said they did not know either way.

In the hundreds of comments left below the accompanying article, it was clear many readers thought the nation should carry on as usual. 

Username Fedupandbored said: “No they shouldn’t shut. With respect to the Queen, life goes on. She wouldn’t want it any other way.” 

Username RickGrimes said: “She would like life to carry on, you can still show respect and continue with your normal day-to-day activities!” 

Another, username Foxxx, wrote: “The Queen would not want Britain to come to a standstill.”


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While username coldste said: “If you want to pay your respects then pay them but life must carry on.” 

And username TheRockerator said: “No they should stay open, folks will have a chance to pay their respects at her state funeral.” 

Meanwhile, some readers thought that it should be a personal choice to mourn. 

Username tamzin87 said: “It should be a personal choice. Nothing should be forced on people.”

And username petitprintemps said: “It’s sad the queen passed away but it’s up to the people to mourn or not. Why should people be obliged to stop their activities?” 

However, other readers argued that Britain should close shops and cancel events to allow for national mourning. 

Username washing machine said: “Yes people should shut up shop to pay their respects for the Queen’s life and all she has done for this country.” 

And username Shelby Kowalskii Jr said: “Of course they should.  

“All businesses should close for the full period of national mourning to give each and every person the time to reflect, grieve and pay their respects.” 

The Queen’s funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey and her body will lie-in-state in Westminster Hall for four days prior, to allow the public to pay their respects.

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