‘Reckless’ Fergie accused of lacking ‘self-respect’ as Duchess forced to confront demons

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Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York was accused of being “reckless and having little self-respect” as a member of the Royal Family. During Channel 5’s royal documentary Fergie vs Diana: Royal Wives at War, royal commentators discussed the strained relationship between Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. They noted that while both were friends, the difficulties of being centrepieces of the Royal Family put immense pressure on the duo.

The narrator Glynis Barber said: “It was a desperate time for Fergie and her rival was once again the darling of the press.

“Princess Diana was simply the most photographed woman in the world.”

Behavioural psychologist and royal commentator Jo Hemmings added: “All Fergie’s demons came back to haunt her.

“Fergie has struggled with self-respect.

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“I think when Fergie gets miserable she probably comfort eats and become a bit reckless.”

She also commented on how Fergie was presented in the media at the time.

She said: “The press would certainly say she looks a mess or that she looks ridiculous.

“They would even say she didn’t have any taste.”

Royal commentator Kate Nicholls also reflected on the growing rivaly between Princess Diana and Fergie.

The narrator said: “The rivalry in public and in private was growing.

“Each would try and out-compete each other in the headlines.

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Ms Nicholls said: “If Sarah was out on engagements on the same day as Diana it was always going to be Diana who made the front pages of the newspapers the next day.

“I think after a while begin to grate Fergie.

“There were certainly times when she felt, I can’t even compete.”

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