Remove jurisdiction of ECJ!’ Britons erupt as Frost crushes EU hopes of Article 16 U-turn

Brexit: Lord Frost hits out at EU over Northern Ireland Protocol

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David Frost warned the EU not to mistake his “reasonable tone” for a softening in demands while speaking in Parliament yesterday.

He said he was standing firm on his red lines in talks with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) amid speculation he has U-turned on plans to suspend the international treaty if there is no breakthrough before Christmas. reader Figaro99 urged the Government “to end the farce” after Lord Forst told peers: “I would suggest our friends in the EU don’t interpret the reasonable tone that I usually use in my discussions with them as implying any softening in the substantive position.”

European Commission vice president Marcos Sefcovic noted a change in tone in talks last week. He said: “I hope this will lead to tangible results for the people in Northern Ireland.”

But reader Uk264 urged Lord Frost to pull the plug on talks, saying the EU has had long enough to resolve an issue that has seen the UK conclude that the strict way in which the Protocol is being implemented by Brussels is having a detrimental effect on the UK’s internal market.

To which Michael’sAlwaysRight replied: “He can’t….. NIP is here to stay.”

Under the Protocol’s terms, all shipments crossing the Irish Sea from Britain to Northern Ireland must undergo customs checks in order to prevent goods which do not meet EU rules slipping into the EU’s single market via the land border with the Republic of Ireland.

The Government wants to see an end of checks for goods destined to remain in Northern Ireland and not travelling on to the EU. Ministers also want the European Court of Justice’s role in overseeing the mechanism removed.

Lord Frost has repeatedly said he is ready to trigger Article 16 of the Protocol which would allow the legal means to suspend the implementation of the treaty if his demands are not met.

Lord Frost said on Thursday that the Government would prefer to reach a negotiated agreement if it can.

He added: “That is the best way forward for the stability and the prosperity of Northern Ireland. But I want to be clear that as the responsible minister, I would not recommend any outcome for the negotiations that I did not believe safeguarded political, economic, or social stability in Northern Ireland.”


However, reader Quillan described the row as a game of bluff while WhyAyeMan urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to bin this Protocol.

To which ColinfortheUK shot back that such a comment would be offensive to Mr Johnson, saying the PM hailed it as a “fantastic deal, that gives the UK everything it wants”.

The European Commission is reported to have briefed ambassadors on Wednesday that the UK has temporarily ditched its threat to trigger Article 16.

Reader NeverTrustATory demanded: “We are all tired of Frost and Johnson’s pointless grandstanding – implement the NI Protocol as you agreed or resign and hand over power to someone who will.”

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Aka Santa Claus wrote: “Stop messing about with empty threats and get it done!!!!.”

Sterling77a demanded: “The British people want action and an end to EU interference in UK affairs. The NI Protocol does not work and must be terminated. Should the EU bureaucrats levy any punishment sanctions, they can be equally matched and applied by the UK in any trade war.”

The European Commission has said Britain’s insistence on ending the European Court of Justice’s oversight had made a deal difficult to reach.

However, the UK has argued it is unfair and impractical for an EU organisation to play such an important role in British matters.

Hanthony asserted that they could not see Mr Sefcovic removing the European Court of Justice from any agreement.

Englishdb commented: “ECJ has no say over me” while Spooks wrote: “Remove the jurisdiction of the [ECJ] problem solved”.

Lord Frost and Mr Sefcovic are due to continue their talks in Brussels today.

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