Revealed: Brexiteer Boris Johnson crushed his Tory leadership rivals with simple formula

The eccentric blond, who was favourite to win the coveted role from the start of the leadership race six weeks ago, used simplistic tactics when being quizzed during 16 gruelling hustings up and down the nation. He even had his own formula, the Daily Telegraph reports, called ‘DUD’, which stood for Deliver Brexit, Unite the country and Defeat Corbyn. The DUD campaign was penned by campaign strategist Mark Fullbrook, whose colleague Sir Lynton Crosby came up with Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ quip throughout her mantra.

Mrs May, referring to Mr Johnson’s tendency to ramble, said in 2016: “Can Boris Johnson stay on message for a full four days? Just about.”

Though little did she know at the time, his plot of sticking to the DUD formula regardless of the question proved simplicity is the key, particularly when it comes to Brexit and its delivery.

Rival Jeremy Hunt today found this out the hard way.

In two-and-half months of polished and perfected answers, relentless campaigning and even Twitter jibes at Mr Johnson and his chaotic love life, Tory members picked the former Mayor of London over him.

Though looking back, Mr Johnson had a huge mountain to climb in winning over the entire Tory Party who edged toward the so-called ‘anyone but Boris’ campaign against him.

With that, Mr Johnson appointed former chief whip Gavin Williamson and former party chairman Grant Shapps to spearhead his own campaign for the top job.

Mr Williamson worked on waverers from complex spreadsheets that came from a meticulous Mr Shapps.

One Tory MP said: “Gavin and ‘Spreadsheet’ Shapps were absolutely forensic. They literally had detailed intel on each and every Tory MP – who they had said they might support, what they had told people in the tea room, who they might consider supporting if their first choice fell out of the race.

“Then when it came to winning people over – it wasn’t just Boris ringing them and sending them messages but a coordinated pincer movement with six or seven Boris backers all working on that one MP. It really was a very slick and effective whipping operation.”

Mr Shapps even correctly predicted that Mr Johnson would win 143 votes in the third round and 157 in the fifth in the contest.

Insiders also cited Mr Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds, 31, for helping him lose weight and today up his once shabby appearance.

Ms Symonds’s appearance on the campaign trail also saw her convince women those days of his flakey private life had changed.

Though the row between the couple recorded by their neighbour could not have come at a worse time, it also proved he was a normal human being and one the general public could relate to.

Eve Leigh, 34, and Tom Penn, 30, were debunked by the general public as “hostile neighbours” for sending the recording to The Guardian.

Professionals were called in to ‘professionalise’ the campaign and 48 hours later, Mr Johnson was out meeting school children and getting hugged by dinner ladies having garnered the backing of big players in the party such as Iain Duncan Smith.

By the time the final TV debate had taken place on ITV, it was already widely predicted Mr Johnson had won.

He settled for 66 percent thanks to his Churchillian effort by keeping things simple and beating Mr Hunt this afternoon.

Tomorrow, Mr Johnson will be sworn in by the Queen and Mrs May will step down allowing for the way to paved for a post-Brexit Britain.

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