‘Ridiculous’ paintings of EIGHT giant 20mph signs in single cul-de-sac spark outrage

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A decision to paint eight 20mph signs on a single cul-de-sac has sparked outrage among neighbours, who say they make the area look like a racetrack or motorway and demand Waltham Forest Council focus its efforts elsewhere.

The speed markings were put at the entrance and exit of Hurst Close, a tiny road in Chingford, in the east of the capital, earlier this week.

The council argues they are essential for people to move “confidently across the borough”.

But Tracey Gould, who has lived on the freshly-painted road since the late 1980s, disagrees.

Dubbing the work a “waste of money”, she claimed such signs should be put in places where they are needed, like main roads or outside schools.

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She said: “I understand that safety is paramount but speeding is not even an issue on our road – you can’t even get up to 20 mph on our road because of the curbs and cars parked on either side.

“If they had put one or two down, that might have been acceptable but they certainly don’t have to be as huge.

“We’re a bit like a frying panhandle, with only one entrance and exit to the street.

“The size of these are ridiculous, they are the length of a car.

“They are hideous and have been plastered all over the road.”

Ms Gould, 49, thinks the money invested would have made a better impact if the council had filled in the many potholes on Hurst Close.

Now, however, although she finds the new speed signs “insane”, she doesn’t want more public funds spent on removing them.

Deputy leader Councillor Clyde Loakes justified the paintings as, for around £60 each, they are the “least intrusive and expensive” measures.

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He also clarified the council has no influence over the size, shape, and spacing of these “traffic calming measures”, which are agreed by the Department for Transport.

He said: “Waltham Forest Council is coming to the end of its programme of works to ensure that all residential roads over which the council has jurisdiction have a maximum 20mph speed limit.

“These works in Chingford will help make sure that all road users can travel safely and confidently across the borough – not least pedestrians and cyclists, our most vulnerable of road users.”

Regarding the potholes, he added: “All roads in the borough are inspected three times a year and are repaired by order of priority – the most serious issues on the busiest of roads will always be addressed first.

“Any reports of potholes received from members of the public are inspected by our highways team so that any necessary problems can be added to the repairs programme.

“Surface repairs were made in Hurst Close in late 2021, and resurfacing works in parts of Marmion Close are planned before April this year.

“We continue to make our neighbourhoods as safe as possible for the benefit of all residents and visitors.”

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