Rory Stewart admits embarrassing gaffe in dressing gown in front of King Charles

King Charles and Queen Camilla arrive at church

The former MP moved into the King’s Highgrove estate while a student at Oxford University to act as a summer tutor for Princes William and Harry.

Mr Stewart was MP for Penrith and the Border from 2010 to 2019 and was Secretary of State for International Development for three months in 2019.

On his first night at Highgrove, he snapped the key in the lock of a toilet and trapped himself inside.

Rory, 50, told Gyles Brandreth on his Rosebud podcast: “My first recollection of that is that I managed to lock myself in his bathroom without realising that the bathroom door was an anti-terrorist steel door.

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“And I say ‘Sir, I’ve locked myself in the bathroom’.

“He says ‘don’t be ridiculous, you’re not suggesting I wake up the whole house at this time in the morning to knock down the door’.

“And I say ‘no, no, it’s fine, I’ll just spend the night sleeping on the floor’.”

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Mr Stewart was kept on as a tutor and says of his time with the family: “It was a very special experience of my life.

“I was very happy to have done it.”

Mr Stewart currently works as the president of charity GiveDirectly and hosts a podcast called The Rest is Politics with Alastair Campbell.

Earlier this year, he told how MPs have “tried to kill themselves” due to the stress of the job.

In an interview with GB News, he said: “Colleagues tried to kill themselves. People I knew. And in very serious ways, I mean almost killed themselves.”

The former International Development Secretary condemned “bitter” MPs whose “basic mission in life is to try to humiliate other people” and described the mental anguish some MPs endured.

He said: “There were other colleagues who had total breakdowns in the most humiliating, personal, embarrassing fashion possible in public.”

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