Royal BOMBSHELL: Households ‘for the chop’ in ‘streamlined monarchy’ plan exposed

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Royal financier expert and author David McClure reflected on a smaller monarchy that could be introduced. Mr McClure’s upcoming book, The Queen’s True Worth, is set to be released in September and will dive into the depths of the monarchy and the financial difficulties and triumphs of the Royal Family. During an interview with, Mr McClure noted the Queen and the Royal Family could struggle financially in the future due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He noted a simple way to cut down costs would be to reduce the size of the working Royals.

Mr McClure said: “It is going to be difficult as there is already talk of job cuts at the Palace and Beefeaters at the Tower of London being made redundant.

“On the public expenditure level, it is clearly going to eat away at them.

“On a broader level, if the Royal Family really wanted to cut costs the best way to cut costs is to have fewer working royals.

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“There has long been a debate on when Prince Charles becomes King whether we are going to have a streamlined monarchy.”

Mr McClure named the three Royal Family households that may not be included in the monarchy in the future.

He said: “The Wessexes are safer than they were before but they are one.

“But the people who may feel the most threatened are the Kents and the Duke of Kent.

“The other group is the Yorks, nobody knows what is going to happen in that area.”

Mr McClure also went into detail as to why the Wessex family is in less danger of being cut from the Royal Family than a year ago.

He said: “Things change, you would have said a year ago the Wessexes may be for the chop, they might have been one of the first to go.

“But what has happened in the last year is the Queen has effectively lost three working royals.

“We have had Prince Andrew stepping back and most people think that may be permanent.

“We have had Prince Harry and Meghan Markle withdrawing to live in America.

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“That is three fewer royals than you had a year ago that have left a gap and have allowed the Wessexes to make an impact.”

The royal expert also noted other Royal Families around the world tend to have few working royals in modern times.

Mr McClure said: “It is the case that most other European royal houses make do with about half a dozen working royals.

“In Britain, we have something like 50 to 60.

“If you really wanted to cut costs you would have few royals, maybe that is not going to happen under the Queen but it could happen under Charles when he is King.”

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