Royal confession: What Queen thought really went wrong for Charles and Diana revealed

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles married in their spectacular 1981 royal wedding. When Diana, barely 20 at the time, walked down the aisle the public had high hopes for the fairytale union. However, their married life together would turn out to be notoriously rocky.

In his 2006 book “William’s Princess”, veteran royal editor Robert Jobson takes a look at Her Majesty’s thoughts on the marriage breakdown.

A confidante of the Queen told the author: “The Queen thinks that one of the reasons Charles’ marriage to Diana didn’t last was because he waited too long.

“At 32, he was too set in his ways.”

Mr Jobson adds: “32 may not sound terribly old to modern sensibilities but by then Charles had acquired a certain form and shape to his life that he was unwilling, or unable, to change.

“He had also acquired Mrs Parker Bowles. But those days were long gone.”

The author also comments that their son Prince William’s romance with Kate early on in his life was a good thing in the eyes of Her Majesty.

He writes: “Now Charles and Camilla were happily installed as married couple and the shadow of Charles’ disastrous first marriage was shortening, Her Majesty’s view was that everything could go well for her grandson.

“William’s relative youth was, to her, a boon not a drawback.”

Elsewhere, other royal experts also discuss the Queen’s thoughts about the Princess of Wales.

Royal biographer Penny Junor, in her 2005 book “The Firm”, takes a look at what Her Majesty really felt about Diana and her groundbreaking royal style.

Ms Junor writes: “The public loved Diana for all sorts of reasons but not least because people felt she was in tune with them.

“She connected with the public in a way they liked.

“It wasn’t the royal way.”

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The author interviewed one of the Royal Family’s private secretaries from the Diana era, who said: “What was their attitude to her style?

“Less hostility than I would have expected.

“There was an acceptance she was very popular.

“I never heard the Queen criticise Diana.

“But, there was almost a sense of bafflement and a feeling that this wasn’t the style of the rest of the family.”

“William’s Princess” (2006), by Robert Jobson is published by John Blake.

“The Firm” (2007), by Penny Junor is published by HarperCollins.

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