Royal coronavirus: How the Queen treats ill-health with alternative medical practices

In her more active days, the Queen was almost always spotted carrying a small leather case during her extensive travels, the contents of which were divided into 60 compartments. Containing a mystifying expanse of herbal and alternative medicinal cures, including controversial homeopathic remedies, aides would replenish her stores before each trip.

Now, as the deadly coronavirus sweeps the globe and edges closer to the royal family – Prince Charles was yesterday confirmed as having tested positive for COVID-19 – their unconventional choices may well help them and the public defeat the virus.

At 94, the Queen has enjoyed what many would consider as a favourable spell of good health.

Seldom has she cancelled official duties as a result of illness, with her alternative medicine receiving a royal patronage in all but name.

Her age, however, puts her well in the “vulnerable” and “at risk” group, especially from the deadly coronavirus.

Palace aides have, since the news broke, been thoroughly cross-checking diaries to trace any encounters Charles and the Queen in the past few weeks.

As far as the Queen’s album of medicines is concerned, she is known to use arsenicum for food poisoning, cocculus for travel sickness, nut vomica for indigestion, and arnica for jet-lag and bruising.

Yet, she is not the only royal known to use natural remedies and homeopathy to replenish health.

Prince Philip, known for his scepticism, wore a copper bracelet for years in an attempt to ward off arthritis.

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Princess Anne takes a compound of Arnica while out horse riding in order to help with bruises should she fall.

Prince Charles has been the most ardent in his use and defence of natural medicine.

On being accused of being attached to an “amazing cocktail of freakish interests and obsessions” he angrily claimed myths had been attached to his views of natural substances.

He even has an alternative medical guru, Dr Mosaraf Ali.


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Dr Ali is sure he will make a speedy recovery in using nature’s bounty, according to the Mail Online.

He told the publication: “The Prince is fit and well and rarely falls ill.

“He’s in the right place to get better — Scotland is good for him.”

Meanwhile, coronavirus continues to cripple the UK, the death toll now having reached 465, while nearly 10,000 people have contracted it.

In a bid to slow the virus’ spread, on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a series of stringent measures intended to up the ante against COVID-19.

This included urging everyone to stay at home, with gatherings of more than two people banned.

Those who can work from home were told to do so, while only “essential workers” are permitted to travel to their place of work.

Confusion over certain jobs – construction workers, for example – ensued, with many not knowing whether they qualified as “key workers”.

The ExCel exhibition centre in East London has been transformed into a giant make shift hospital.

It will soon make space for 4,000 patients, though many are beginning to question how long the government had planned to erect such a venue, and why the public were not told of the urgency sooner.

Half a million people have since signed up to volunteer for the NHS, with Mr Johnson said they could play an “absolutely crucial” role in helping to alleviate mounting pressures on the health service.

The helpers will carry out tasks such as delivering food and medicines, driving patents to appointments and phoning the isolated.

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