Royal expert says he’d be ‘astonished’ if Harry hadn’t prepared Meghan

Prince Harry: Queen 'would've been advised by Charles' says expert

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Royal experts have cast doubts over some of the claims made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their Netflix documentary. The series saw the ex-senior Royals recount their exit from the Royal Family’s senior ranks while accusing other royals and officials of making the process tougher. Early in the series, the Duchess of Sussex claimed she did not receive the correct preparation on matters of protocol.

In one of the first three episodes, she said she knew “there was a protocol for how things were done.”

She compared her situation to Anne Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, who receives detailed lessons on becoming a princess.

The Duchess said: “There’s no class and some person who goes ‘Sit like this, cross your legs like this, use this fork, don’t do this, curtsy then, wear this kind of hat.’

“It doesn’t happen. So I needed to learn a lot. Including the national anthem.”

Speaking on the Daily Express’ Royal Roundup, royal correspondent Richard Palmer and presenter Pandora Forsyth questioned whether Prince Harry prepared his future wife for royal life.

When asked whether he thought Prince Harry did enough, he said the royal was “smitten from early on”, when he was looking for someone who could handle life in the senior ranks.

Mr Palmer said: “Well I’d be astonished if he didn’t.

“He talked publicly before about the problem he had in finding somebody who was willing to take on the pressure and responsibilities of joining the Royal Family.”

While he thought the Prince did prepare the Duchess, he said he may have gone “over the top”.

He said: “I think one of the problems going right back, almost to the start of when their relationship became public knowledge was that because he was so invested in her, he just went completely over the top in his reaction to some of the media coverage.

“He went over the top and he created a toxic situation.”

While it allowed the Duke and Duchess to tell the story their way, the documentary may have only deepened the rift with the British-based Firm.

Some experts believe Buckingham Palace has an “opening” to take their titles.

Prince Harry claimed in the documentary that he had sent an eventually leaked email to his father, then Prince Charles, saying: “If this wasn’t going to work out, then we would be willing to relinquish our Sussex titles, if need be.”

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith said the statement means King Charles III is “entitled” to take their honours.

She told The Times: “The Sussex titles could go. It is a question of figuring how to do that best. Harry inadvertently gave his father an opening. And it is something he is certainly entitled to do.”

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