Royal Family celebrates Princess Anne’s 73rd birthday with heartwarming photo

The monarchy’s official social media accounts yesterday posted the photo of Charles and his sister at Buckingham Palace after the May 6 ceremony.

In the photo, Charles is wearing the Imperial State Crown, his purple satin coronation tunic and Robe of Estate, smiling at his sister.

Anne is dressed as Colonel of the Blues and Royals in a red plumed hat and military uniform.

The message reads: “Wishing Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal a very Happy Birthday today!”.

It includes a family archive photo of Charles aged two leaning over to hold 11-month-old Anne’s hand in 1951.

It comes after the account did not acknowledge the Duchess of Sussex’s birthday for the second year running.

Anne was born at Clarence House on August 15 1950 and was the only daughter of Princess Elizabeth, later Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh.

She is known for her work ethic, and is involved with more than 300 charities and organisations.

A skilled horsewoman, Anne won the individual championship at Burghley in 1971, and was voted BBC Sports Personality Of The Year.

She also competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics as a three-day eventer in the British equestrian team.

In 1974, she survived an attempted kidnapping when a man with a gun tried to abduct her.

She kept her cool, and when the man, Ian Ball, told her to “come with me for a day or two” because he wanted £2million, she replied: “Not bloody likely – and I haven’t got £2million.”

Comically, she once remarked: “It’s impractical to go around in life in a long white dress and a crown.”

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