Royal Family LIVE: Filling the void! Overworked Wills forced to step in after Harry bailed

Prince William 'modeling himself' on the Queen says experts

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A study by Canadian researcher Patricia Treble shows the number of duties the Royal Family has fulfilled in 2021, with Prince William as the only member of The Firm to have completed more duties this year than in 2019.

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, racked up 227 duties out of the Royal Family’s 2,065 total, while his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, also 39, undertook 115.

While the Queen, whose husband Prince Philip died in April, and who has been suffering from ill health, undertook 182 engagements in 2021.

The Firm has undertaken less than 60 percent of the engagements they were completing two years ago though, due to a mixture of Covid, an increasingly older generation of royals and the loss of senior members of the Firm including Prince Harry and Meghan who now live in the US, and Prince Andrew who stepped down from duties.


Prince Charles to be ‘very different monarch’ to Queen

Prince Charles is set to be a “very different monarch” to the Queen, a royal expert has claimed.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told “I certainly know that the monarchy will want to keep itself modern and agile in relation to the UK and the Commonwealth and keep itself relevant.

“Plenty of them absolutely love the Queen and the monarchy and that handover have already started with Prince Charles.

“I would imagine on their agenda is to keep their Commonwealth but it is inevitable over time that people’s attitudes towards royalty and the monarchy might change and shift.

“I think that’s why they’ve been very careful to try to adapt and change with the times.

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