Royal Family LIVE: YouTube accused of ‘active hate campaign’ against Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle should drop title when calling senators says expert

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The video streaming site has allowed several channels to produce videos criticising the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. One account, Murky Meg, has more than 85,000 subscribers and one video carried an advert for human rights charity Amnesty International.

Amnesty International has claimed they advertised through YouTube in a package that applied the company’s strictest controls on hateful content.

In a statement, they told Newsweek: “As is common practice, Amnesty International UK advertises on YouTube using their strictest safety settings which should automatically prevent ad placement alongside content that has been classified as hateful or sensational.

“Amnesty campaigns against online abuse and urges social media companies to step up in their efforts to tackle and remove any harmful content.”

Another account, HG Tudor, has around 79,600 subscribers and carries adverts from a law firm and a text-to-speech company.

Data analysis agency, Bot Sentinel, identified a network of 83 accounts that were part of a coordinated hate campaign against Meghan.

Referring to the HG Tudor channel, Christopher Bouzy from Bot Sentinel, said: “It’s being monetised.”

He said: “I would be shocked if the core accounts were not being monetized in some way, whether they’re being paid by someone to do this, whether there is some other financial motive behind this.

“I just cannot see these accounts spending so much time each day and there is not something else behind it. Is it just hate driving them?”

Rashad Robinson, the President of Color of Change, urged for government regulation and enforcement to stop the abuse of women.

He tweeted: “It’s not just Twitter: @YouTube is actively profiting from a coordinated hate campaign against Meghan Markle.

“Without swift government regulation and enforcement, #BigTech will continue to enable the abuse of women and color — and profit.” has approached YouTube for a comment.


Princess Anne praised by fans as she marked 50-year milestone with horses

Princess Anne’s latest accomplishment was applauded by royal fans who enjoyed seeing throwback pictures of the royal’s proximity with horses for 50 years.

The Royal Family’s official Instagram account put the focus on the Princess Royal as she celebrated half a century of work for the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association).

According to The Firm, Anne became a patron of the organisation in 1971, before moving to President in 1985.

Royal fans were impressed with the longevity of Anne’s involvement in the RDA and praised her work ethic.

“Great hardworking, supportive lady,” wrote Margalgie.

Wal3852 said: “The Princess Royal is a true legend. Working so hard behind the scenes for so many years without any fuss. Top class lady.”

Princess Diana’s skincare secret: Royal’s DIY face mask to reduce redness

Princess Diana turned heads whenever she went – but how did the royal ensure her skin was in the best condition possible? Apparently she used a face mask you can make at home. spoke to Ashley Wady, an expert at BOSSFACE about the routine the Princess of Wales had, the benefits of the products she chose and what makeup she would opt for to always look her best whilst in public.

Good Housekeeping claims the royal used both rose oil and avocado masks to soothe her cheeks from redness.

And Ashley explained how these products may have worked: “Rosacea is one of the hardest, if not the hardest skin condition to treat as the aetiology and pathogenesis is unknown, therefore learning how to manage and keep the condition under control play a big part in soothing the appearance of the skin.

“It’s likely Diana used Rose Oil as it contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

“These properties allow it to fight bacteria and treat swelling and redness that most rosacea sufferers experience.

“Diana’s use of avocado masks will have also helped to soothe the skin as they are full of fatty acids that help to repair a compromised skin barrier.”

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