Royal Family ‘to celebrate Christmas’ before Harry drops bombshells

Royal family ‘chance to celebrate Christmas’ says pundit

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Penguin Random House has confirmed the global release date for Prince Harry’s much-anticipated memoir will be January 10 next year. The book had initially been “tentatively scheduled” for publication in the autumn of this year, although it seems there have been some delays in the editing and production process. The news has asserted King Charles will be able to enjoy his first Christmas since becoming monarch ahead of any fallout from his son’s bombshell book.

Discussing the royal schedule for the upcoming months, Royally Obsessed host Rachel Bowie noted: “The runway to the Coronation; it’s not just Harry’s memoir, we’ve got The Crown coming out and I’m sure there will be other things that come out between now and May.

“There is a lot at stake in a different way than when Queen Elizabeth was still with us.”

Her co-host Roberta Fiorito added: “I feel like what you mentioned plays into the shift in the date because it actually gives the Royal Family a chance to celebrate the holidays. 

“Then, they can find out what is in Harry’s memoir, he is at least sparing the holidays for them.”

Prince Harry’s novel has been described by the publisher as an “unflinching” account of the Duke’s personal life.

A website launched in promotion of the upcoming book hosted a description of the text which highlighted the image of a young Prince Harry, accompanied by his brother Prince William, as they marched behind their mother’s coffin.

This focus on Princess Diana’s funeral has suggested Prince Harry’s struggles with grief from an early age may be a key focal point within the memoir. 

Penguin Random House described the novel as a “landmark publication” that would include aspects of “self-examination” as Prince Harry reflects on his time within the Royal Family. 

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Aside from Prince Harry’s memoir, the two podcast hosts noted that the Palace faces the additional headache of hit Netflix series The Crown.

The popular drama, which follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II, has faced backlash for recreating controversial events in royal history and dramatising scenes that remain factually disputed.

The new series will cover the 1990s and is therefore tipped to include the landmark BBC Panorama interview with Princess Diana, among other controversial royal events.

Prince William has previously stated he never wants the aforementioned interview with his mother to be aired again, given more recent findings that the journalist involved gained access to the Princess of Wales through deceitful practices.

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The upcoming Christmas holidays will mark the first since the late Queen Elizabeth passed and King Charles subsequently took the throne.

The new King is expected to deliver the traditional royal Christmas message, which will reflect on a particularly turbulent year for the monarchy and the wider UK in regard to the political atmosphere.

On a more personal level within the royal household, reports have emerged that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have rejected a formal invitation to spend the holiday in the UK with their royal relatives.

Instead, it is expected Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will remain in California with their two young children, demonstrating the evident divide that remains between the couple and the working Royal Family. 

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