Royal Family warned Meghan and Harry not planning to mend ‘broken relationship’

Meghan Markle and Harry: Experts on relationship with Queen

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Royal commentator Jonathan Scerdoti argued against the idea Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did the Oprah interview to help repair relationships with the Royal Family. While speaking on US weekly with Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi, the royal expert criticised Meghan and Harry for their conduct during the interview. He highlighted that the Sussexes were having this spat publicly and launching inflammatory accusations at the Royal Family.

He noted that in any normal family, this would not be a good way to mend relationships.

He added the situation was only made worse when Gayle King was informed of the phone conversations between Prince Harry and his father and brother after the interview.

Ms Garibaldi asked: “What do you think was their goal for doing this interview?

“Was it to repair the relationships with their family or was it for their own fame and monetary gain?”

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Mr Scerdoti answered: “For real? Can anyone think that that the aim of that interview was to repair relationships with their family?

“Put aside the fact that they are the Royal Family.

“If I said my family were racists and cut me off from money and were also unsympathetic when I was suicidal I don’t think for one minute you would think I was aiming to repair any broken relationships.

“After that, if there was a phone call and I went to Gayle King and I said I just had a chat with the next King of Britain and the one after him, my father and brother, they were still no use and we didn’t make any progress.

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“No, of course, it is not their aim to repair any broken relationships.

“I think it is fair to say many people look at Meghan Markle’s relationships with all her other family and see broken relationships all around her.”

Ms Mulshine defended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their interview and questioned whether it was the pair simply attempting to defend their reputation. 

Mr Scerdoti admitted both the couple and the Royal Family comments could be argued to be in defence of their reputation.

However, he highlighted that the Palace never sought to tarnish the reputation of the couple.

He said: “I think to a certain degree there is an element of both trying to defend their reputations.

“But I don’t think Buckingham Palace ever set out to trash the reputation of Meghan and Harry.

“I just don’t think that is the case.”

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