Royal fans swoon over gentleman Harry’s sweet gesture to Meghan

Harry, Meghan, William and Kate thank the crowds in Windsor

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Alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, Harry and Meghan greeted fans while they took part in a 40-minute walkabout at the gates of the castle on Saturday.

Following the unusual appearance of both couples together, the four royals entered a vehicle and headed back to the Windsor estate in a car, driven by William.

William, the now Prince of Wales, entered the driver’s side of the car while his wife, Kate, Princess of Wales, entered beside him.

Footage shows Harry getting in the back of the car, but the Duke first opens and closes Meghan’s door so she can enter the vehicle safely.

Fans on social media swooned over Harry’s gesture to his wife.

One royal fan wrote on Twitter: “I just can’t NOT share this: Prince Harry opening the car door for Meghan and making sure she got in safely, and going to his side of the car but not before shaking hands with some supporters nearby before leaving, all despite the circumstances.”

Another said: “Harry opened the car door for Meghan and returned back to the other side to enter the car. My kind of gentleman.”

A third wrote: “Harry is incredibly protective of Meghan the way he guards the car door until she’s safely inside the car melts my heart.”

Another said: “Harry truly loves his wife.”

One fan described Harry as “gentlemanly”.

The fan commented: “I’m crying at how gentlemanly Prince Harry is. Never lets Meghan open a car door, always holds her hands, makes sure she’s okay in front of the press…. I mean….”.

On Saturday, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan, arrived at Windsor Castle to witness the floral tributes laid outside the gates by members of the public.

It was the first time the four royals had been seen in public together since Commonwealth Day on March 2020, just before the country was plunged into lockdown following the news of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the 40-minute walkabout, both couples greeted well-wishers and looked through tributes.

Flowers, hand-written notes and other sentimental gifts lined the gates outside of the castle in memory of the late monarch.

Some hoped the unusual site of both brothers and their wives together would set a precedent for future arrangements.

One person, who was there during the couple’s walkabout, told the Daily Mail: “I’m just so excited to have seen them both together. It’s lovely.”

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