Royal row erupts as French slam Coronation quiche as ‘banal tart’

Royal family unveils Coronation Quiche

A special Coronation quiche has been devised by King Charles, Queen Camilla and his royal chef Mark Flanagan as a part of royal tradition to allow fans celebrate the big day by replicating the dish at street parties. However, many French foodies have fumed, claiming the recipe is clearly a “savoury tart” rather than a quiche. Some even expressed their surprise at the “common” dish choice for the historic day.

The new recipe was released as part of the tradition of launching a tie-in recipe with every major significant occasion.

The recipe, was cooked up by royal chef Mark Flanagan, featuring cheddar cheese, broad beans, spinach and tarragon and is recommended as the staple of any Coronation street party.

While the original recipe includes lard, the Palace has also added that vegetarians can adapt the recipe to suit their tastes.

However, traditionalists in France argue that calling other variations of the dish “quiche” is incorrect.

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They argue that the only true quiche is the quiche Lorraine, which is made with eggs, cream, lardons, and pastry.

According to them, any other recipe that includes ingredients like broccoli, salmon, spinach, cheese, or anything else, is technically a pie or tart, but not a true quiche.

The Times reported that Évelyne Muller-Dervaux, the grand master of the Brotherhood of the Quiche Lorraine, noted: “I think I would call it a savoury tart.”

Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp, a member of the Quiche Lorraine brotherhood, added: “I think it would have anyway better reflected the British spirit if they had called it a tart.”

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However, they acknowledge that even in France, the term “quiche” is commonly used incorrectly and “frankly it shocks me less when Anglo-Saxons do that than when the French do it”, Miltgen-Delinchamp said.

Muller-Dervaux said that although Charles might be serving a quiche that is not authentic, she still feels proud that the term is being used in such esteemed company.

She said: “I was surprised when I found out.

“I said to myself, ‘This is a banal, common, popular dish, and to think that it is being served at a Coronation’.”

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