Royal telling off! English-born princess savagely scolds prince during parade – PICTURES

Princess Claire of Belgium marries Prince Laurent in 2003

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The princess, born Claire Louise Coombs, was caught by onlookers and photographers in attendance seemingly reprimanding her husband during the 90-minute National Day parade which took place on Sunday in Brussels. During the event, Prince Laurent was spotted looking at his phone, yawning and trying to sit down at the wrong time.

Princess Claire seemed to notice her husband’s behaviour and, on one occasion, prevented him from sitting down while the rest of their family were still standing to honour the military personnel marching during the parade.

Claire, a land surveyor born in Bath, was seen in a clip shared on Twitter quickly turning towards Laurent as he bent down to take his seat.

After whispering a few words at her husband, Laurent promptly stood back up.

The princess then tensely opened the event’s programme as Prince Laurent looked in her direction.

Laurent, the brother of King Philippe and the youngest child of former King Albert II and Queen Paola, was also photographed using his phone as his wife looked at him.

Princess Claire and Prince Laurent were attending one of the most important events in the Belgian royal calendar.

The National Day parade marks every year the anniversary of the investiture of Belgium’s first sovereign King Leopold I, who acceded to the throne in 1831 – one year after the nation gained its independence.

During the event, Claire was seen chatting amiably with Princess Delphine – King Albert’s illegitimate daughter recognised by the former sovereign in January 2020 following a legal battle.

A few months later, after another legal triumph, the artist was also granted the same royal title and HRH style her half-siblings have had since birth.

During the parade, Laurent sat next to Prince Lorenz, who joined the Belgian Royal Family through his marriage with Princess Astrid, King Albert’s eldest daughter, in 1984.

Laurent has been involved in charities focused on the environment and animal welfare for years.

His propensity to not always abide by royal protocol has reportedly prompted elements of the Belgian press to dub him “écolo-gaffeur” – eco-blunderer.

Among his most controversial moves, in 2011 Prince Laurent visited, without permission, the then President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo – a former Belgian colony – Joseph Kabila.

In 2017, he donned his naval officer’s uniform to attend an unauthorised ceremony in honour of the 90th anniversary of the creation of China’s People’s Liberation Army.

In January 2020, a few days after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their intention to step back as full-time working royals, Laurent sided with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

He told Belgian newspaper Sudpresse: “Prince Harry’s decision proves one thing.

“You are an object. That is unacceptable. A person should not be the property of his family or a government. Or you should be compensated for it.

“That’s why I never agreed with it myself.”

While Prince Laurent publicly supports environmental causes and animal charities, his wife Claire doesn’t have a defined official role within the Belgian Royal Family.

Alongside taking part in key events for the country such as the National Day parade, she has at times supported her husband by attending events linked to organisations he backs.

She is also the patron of Brussels Choral Society and is active in organisations related to Britain and Belgium.

In March 2020, she sparked health fears after catching COVID-19.

Her husband told Nieuwsblad: “Her illness was discovered in an early stage. The treatment is now over.

“We can do nothing now but wait and hope she will be okay. I really hope it will be so.”

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