Russian children forced to learn 'revised' history to pass exams

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Russian children will be examined on war propaganda and a ‘completely revised’ history of the world from a new textbook.

The new book, titled ‘Ukraine is a neo-Nazi state’, will be incorporated into Russia’s curriculum from September.

Children will be forced to learn Ukraine is an ‘ultra-nationalist state’ where ‘dissent is severely persecuted’ and ‘opposition is prohibited’.

This is despite Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin arresting thousands of anti-war protestors across the country last year.

In the book western countries are depicted as evil and stealing Russian assets worth more than $300 billion.

The United States is also described as ‘determined to fight to the last Ukrainian’.

The book was written Vladimir Medinsky, an aide to Vladimir Putin, who said the history of the past 50 years has been ‘completely revised’.

He boasted: ‘No textbook has ever been created in our country in such a short time.’

The textbook also claims Russian forces ‘under no circumstances’ shell residential neighbourhoods in Ukraine, and tries to convince pupils there has been a ‘rebirth of Nazism’.

It also states destabilising Russia is the ‘fixed idea’ of the West.

But in the 29 page chapter dedicated to the war in the Ukraine, the death of more than 250,000 soldiers is hardly mentioned.

Putin’s original claim the invasion would only last a matter of days is also not mentioned.

Pupils will be tested on all the content in state exams.

The aim is to ram home ‘the tasks of demilitarisation and de-Nazification’ in Ukraine, ‘so that schoolchildren are convinced that this is really the case’, said education minister Sergei Kravtsov.

‘After the end of the special military operation [in Ukraine], after our victory, we will further supplement this book.’

Medinsky – formerly Putin’s culture minister – said the new 445-page textbook would make it ‘easier’ for young Russians to understand history.

It tells them how Putin’s troops annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 as a means of ‘saving peace’.

At the time, he denied his soldiers were involved.

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