Ryan Giggs trial: Key moments as jury retires to consider verdicts

The jury in the Ryan Giggs domestic violence trial has retired to consider its verdicts. 

The former Manchester United star, 48, denies headbutting ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 38, at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1, 2020. 

He also denies controlling and coercive behaviour towards the PR executive between August 2017 and November 2020, and deliberately elbowing her 26-year-old sister, Emma. 

As the trial nears its end, Metro.co.uk looks back at some of the key moments over the past two weeks. 

Football idol had an ‘uglier and more sinister side’ 

Opening the trial, prosecutor Peter Wright QC told jurors Giggs was ‘idolised’ for his skill and achievements on the pitch. 

But behind closed doors, he said the ex-winger’s private life involved a ‘litany of abuse, both physical and psychological, of a woman he professed to love’. 

He said: ‘This is a story of control and coercion of a woman who thought she was loved and respected; sadly, the reality was very different.’ 

Giggs’ ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’ detailed to jury 

The incidents included: 

– Messaging Ms Greville and/or blocking her when she was on nights out with others, or she asked about Giggs’ relationship with others. 

– Threatening to send images ‘of a personal nature’ to her friends. 

– Throwing her belongings out of his house when she questioned him about relationships with other women. 

– At a London hotel, rowing in the hotel suite and throwing her bag at her. 

– Appearing unwanted at her home or gym and contacting her friends to get her to speak to him again. 

‘Giggs far from perfect in relationship but had lines he wouldn’t cross’ 

After the prosecution opened its case against the former Manchester United and Wales international footballer, his barrister, Chris Daw QC, made a shorter opening statement. 

He said Giggs fully accepts that his behaviour – on a moral level – at times his relationship with Ms Greville was ‘far from perfect’. 

Mr Daw also acknowledged that Giggs did not always handle their arguments ‘in the best possible way’, but he said the defence case is that ‘there were lines that Mr Giggs would never cross’. 

He said: ‘He never once used unlawful violence against Ms Greville during the course of their relationship, no matter how bad things got. 

‘His defence to the assaults is simple. Those accusations are based on distortion, exaggerations and lies. He assaulted no-one. 

‘In the weeks before, Kate Greville said to her friends that she was determined not to walk away from the relationship with nothing.’ 

Ryan Giggs had affairs with eight women, ex-girlfriend tells assault trial 

Ms Greville claimed she discovered the footballer’s affairs on his tablet computer shortly before she decided to leave him. 

She said Giggs constantly denied he was cheating on her but she ‘needed to know the truth’ so she checked his device. 

Ms Greville said: ‘The reality of what I had found on that iPad was way worse than I could imagine. 

‘Eight women he was having affairs with while he was with me. Full-on relationships.’ 

Giggs ‘threw laptop bag at ex’s head’  

The court has heard Ms Greville claim Giggs threw her naked into a hotel corridor in September 2017. 

She says he did the same again on the evening of December 6, 2019, at London’s Stafford Hotel. 

Ms Greville told police: ‘Mr Giggs threw a bag at my head with a laptop in it which caused my head to swell and bruise. 

‘He kicked me out of bed and threw me out of the hotel room naked, again. I didn’t take pictures.’ 

She later stated: ‘He kicked me in the back so hard I flew off the bed and landed on the floor.’ 

Ms Greville denies planning to get pregnant with the footballer 

Ms Greville was asked about a message she sent to a friend in October 2020 which said: ‘I need a plan.’ 

She also wrote: ‘I am not walking away with nothing.’ 

Mr Daw said: ‘Your plan was to get pregnant by Mr Giggs.’ Ms Greville replied: ‘No, absolutely not.’ 

The barrister said: ‘If you had got pregnant with Mr Giggs, you would have anticipated a significant amount of support for a long period of time?’ 

He added: ‘You would have been tied together pretty much forever.’ 

Ms Greville replied: ‘I know, and I would never have done that because that’s not what I wanted.’ 

Giggs tells jury ‘infidelity’ reputation justified  

After being called into the witness box, Giggs was asked if he agreed he was ‘well known’ the world over for being a footballer. 

Mr Daw added: ‘But you are also known for something else, you have a reputation for infidelity. Is that reputation justified?’ 

Giggs replied: ‘Yes.’ 

Turning to the ex-Wales international’s romantic life, Mr Daw asked: ‘In the course of your relationships with women, up to and including Ms Greville, have you managed to be faithful to any of them?’ 

‘No,’ said Giggs. 

The barrister asked: ‘If an attractive woman has shown you interest regardless of your marital status, are you able to resist?’ 

Giggs replied: ‘No.’ 

He agreed he was a ‘flirt by nature’ and confirmed he lied to his ex-wife Stacey and Ms Greville about his infidelities. 

Giggs ‘called team meeting’ to tell family how to load dishwasher 

Ryan Giggs called a ‘team meeting’ with his family about how to load the dishwasher after getting ‘wound up’ during the first coronavirus lockdown, the court heard. 

The PR executive told jurors lockdown was a period of ‘living hell’ and that there were arguments including one involving loading the dishwasher. 

She told the court: ‘He was making me feel like I was stupid, the way I was loading it. I had to do it exactly the way he wanted to do it. That’s just one example of many.’ 

Asked by his Mr Daw whether he was ‘particularly keen on dishwasher loading technique’, Giggs said it was often on three or four times a day due to the number of people staying in the house. 

‘I would be opening the dishwasher and the tablespoons would be the wrong way round,’ he said. 

‘It would wind me up because I would have to do it again, so I called a team meeting and just said, “Everyone, can you please put the tablespoons the right way round”. 

‘It wasn’t a big argument; it was just how I explained it.’ 

Giggs breaks down in court describing night in cell as ‘worst experience’ 

Giggs broke down in court as he described his night in a police cell as ‘the worst experience of my life’. 

Describing his emotional state at the time of his arrest, he said: ‘I was scared. I’d never been in that position before, so scared.’ 

Giggs confirmed he was arrested, taken to the police station and spent the night in a cell. 

He then started crying as he said it was the ‘worst experience of my life’. 

Giggs told the court he got ‘hardly any’ sleep that night and spoke to a solicitor for the first time the next day. 

Giggs swapped intimate love poems with ‘my angel’ Ms Greville 

Messages between Giggs and the PR executive were read out by his defence team. 

On August 30, 2017, she messaged him: ‘You make my heart flutter because you are a nutter. 

‘Every day you do me proud not just because you are well endowed.’ 

The next day Giggs wrote: ‘Darling Kate. Unequivocally our love was fate. I fell in love with you at first sight. I remember coz I was as high as a kite. 

‘Those beautiful eyes, made me shiver. 

‘I’m not gonna lie, I think of you, I dream of you. Can’t help thinking, pulling you was my greatest ever coo. That stomach, those abs, those pictures you sent. 

‘So I can keep tabs on you, makes me feel funny down there. Especially when you are there and you look up and stare. I’m beginning to think you are always right. That’s okay it will keep us tight 

‘I’m gonna end by saying you are my love, my friend, my soul. 

‘And most of all you believe in me. Which makes me feel as hard as a totem pole. Xxxxxxxx’ 

Giggs’s mother Lynne sat upstairs in the public gallery as the messages were read out. 

Letter written by Giggs’ ex-partner days before alleged assault read to jurors 

The letter, titled The Final Goodbye, detailed the former Manchester United footballer’s alleged infidelities with at least eight women. 

It began: ‘I know pretty much everything you have been doing with other women behind my back since the day I met you.’ 

Ms Greville described Giggs as a ‘compulsive liar and serial cheat’, telling him: ‘My gut always told me you couldn’t be trusted.’ 

She said: ‘I now know you say the same things you say to me to multiple women. I’m nothing special, I was just the one you didn’t let have a happy life.’ 

Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson in court to defend Giggs 

Sir Alex Ferguson told jurors he never saw Ryan Giggs lose his temper as he gave evidence defending his ex-player. 

The former Manchester United manager, 80, said Giggs had a ‘fantastic temperament’ and was ‘without doubt the best example we had at the club’. 

Asked by Mr Daw if he had ever seen him ‘lose his temper or become aggressive’, Sir Alex replied: ‘No.’ 

Time for Giggs to ‘pay the price’, prosecutor tells court 

In his closing speech at Manchester Crown Court, prosecutor Mr Wright reiterated there were ‘two very different Ryan Giggs’. 

He said: ‘The one who is exposed for public consumption and the Ryan Giggs who exists on occasion behind closed doors.’ 

On Monday, Mr Wright said: ‘This case is about abuse of power of a man over another human being. It’s actually a tale which is as old as the hills. 

‘It is about a man who thinks, or thought, he could do whatever he liked in respect of his treatment of Kate Greville and that he could get away with it because the sad history of this relationship revealed that his excesses were endured by her, excused and kept private. 

‘But all that changed on the night of November 1 when the basis upon which he operated disintegrated before his very eyes and the public persona of Ryan Giggs was exposed to public scrutiny. 

‘When the woman he had controlled or coerced in their lengthy, fractious and volatile relationship had the courage to stand up to him. 

‘When later his messages in all their ugly detail were exposed to a wider audience than that was intended and the intended target.’ 

Giggs’ ex-girlfriend ‘a scorned woman over footballer’s infidelity’ 

Ms Greville was a ‘scorned’ woman who was ‘furious’ about his inability to remain faithful to her, Mr Daw told jurors. 

In his closing speech, he said: ‘Infidelity is what this case is about.’ 

Mr Daw told jurors Giggs was not on trial for ‘being flirtatious, an impulsive womaniser, an adulterer, a liar or a cheat’. 

He said: ‘If they were crimes, he would be guilty of them, or at least some of them. Being unfaithful is pretty much as old as the human race, you may think. 

‘If they were crimes just think how many prisons you would need. Probably five Strangeways in Manchester.’ 

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