Sadiq Khan ‘coming for the wrong people’ as radio caller savages ULEZ

Radio caller savages sadi Khan over ULEZ expansion

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Phone-in caller Terry from Cheam claimed that he had never been a fan of the Mayor of London. The business owner from Cheam questioned Mr Khan’s decisions to increase the cost for some drivers in the UK with the expansion of ULEZ as people struggle due to the cost of living crisis. Terry explained that people with non-compliant cars would struggle to sell them for a reasonable price, and warned that compliant cars would likely increase in price, making it harder for motor owners living and working in the expansion zones.

Terry from Cheam told LBC: “Sadiq Khan, I’ve never been a big fan of his! But the man’s arrogance and the way he’s going about this…

“If you consider what has been going on, after what we’ve just been through, the timing of this…

“Who is this going to affect? The people affected are the most vulnerable or the most… The people with the least amount of income.

“Most of those people own the cars that don’t comply, so what’s going to happen is… It’s targeting the wrong people.

“The timing of it, after what we’ve been through the cost of living and all the other increases.

“I mean, from our perspective, we’re a small business this is going to impact us, we’ve got three vehicles that don’t comply.

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“Small businesses like ours we’re a plumbing and a heating company, so we’ve got three vehicles and we’ve not got to look at replacement.

“The costs of ours have doubled in the last year, and don’t take that from me, you can do your own research.”

Mr Ferrari added: “Why… What is the… Are they not making as many, why have they gone up so much?”

Terry from Cheam added: “I think obviously Covid has affected things and… With this ULEZ thing coming in there’s a three-way impact.

“What’s going to happen is trying to sell a vehicle that is non-compliant, what’s going to happen? It devalues it, so you’re not going to get any reasonable value for your vehicle.

“Secondly there is going to be a mad rush, so that puts the prices up, it’s the supply and demand thing as always… The prices go up and people just can’t afford it.”

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ULEZ is a 'clumsy mechanism' says former MP Stephen Pound

Britons are feeling the added strain on their finances, as the cost of living crisis has been affecting many people living in the UK, as many cannot afford the increased cost of food and energy.

Some Britons will have to trade their cars in, in order to start using public transportation as the costs may be too high.

The daily ULEZ charge of £12.50 may begin to add up for anyone who drives in the zones.

Some estimations have shown that it could start costing drivers up to £4,500 a year.

Mayor of Bristol Martin Rees praised Mr Khan’s expansion of the ULEZ scheme.

As it will help to lower pollution rates in and around London, the scheme is also set to help promote public transport.

Mr Rees said: “This is an important step on our journey to cleaner air and creating a healthier future for everyone in Bristol. 

“We need to reduce harmful pollution in the city and reach the legal limits set by Government in the shortest time possible, but we also want to give those who need it, a bit more time to prepare.

“That could mean upgrading or changing a vehicle or trying out different and more sustainable ways to travel instead.”

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